Melany Berger On Blab Tonight: How To Work With Brands

Melany Berger On Blab Tonight: How To Work With Brands

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It has been a few months since my last Blab discussion and I am excited to be interviewed by Shon Hyneman from Kairos Social about one of my favorite topics: How to work with brands. Tonight is the night where I will finally catch up with Shon Hyneman on Blab. What are my secrets…well, maybe not all of them! Join me tonight talking Working With Brands on @KairosSocial Blab. What are my secrets…well,… Click To Tweet Join us tonight, Monday 3/28/16 @ 6:30PM/PST – be there!! Here is the link:… Continue Reading

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Reality Crowd TV: Relationships, Crowdfunding, Entrepreneurship & More

Reality Crowd TV: Relationships, Crowdfunding, Entrepreneurship & More

The social media world is vast and offers so many opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have without this blog and MelanysGuydlines channels. This morning I was honored to “hangout” as guest on Reality Crowd TV discussing crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, and relationship marketing in social Media & PR. The only catch was we taped via Google Hangouts and most guests were on the East Coast. As you know, I am somewhere in the world but on the West Coast. So, when I woke Teddy Brewski up at 5AM to take him for a walk and it was pitch black in the desert –… Continue Reading

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“Hang on Sloopy”: Ramsey Lewis’s Music is Smooth Like Honey

If you have not heard (you are living under a rock and need to check Melanysguydlines more often) because we are doing a contest with nearly 10,000 entries in just one week! The prize is from Jan Lewis Designs who is featured in the Official Oscar Nominee gift bag. The winner will receive $400 worth of her signature bangles, celebration scarf and tie inspired by her multi-Grammy award-winning husband Ramsey Lewis. It is clear from the success of the contest that Jan Lewis is a star. But, what you may not know is her husband has been regarded as an… Continue Reading

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Bitch on Plane & Graziano Mob Wives Meat Cleavers?

get off cell phone

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello, hello! I am back in LALAland and just in time to rock out to some 80’s rock n’ roll tonight! Stephen Pearcy from Ratt and roll is playing at the Whisky and how could I miss it? Well I am not! I lucked out and jumped on an earlier plane yesterday so that I could get home and apply all the new social media and blogging knowledge to this blog! Of course, I had a lady on my plane who thought that she was the only person on the aircraft. She was no Alec… Continue Reading

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Dating advice expert

This week has been insane for me but in a great way! This dating and relationship blogosphere is full of information, tips, advice, experts and people who think they are experts. I have learned so much and in no way claim to be an expert but feel that I am heading in that direction (especially when it come to dating this blog and not going on any real dates). What does it mean to be an expert on love and relationships anyway? We all have both of these things (hopefully) in our lives and are full of experiences both good… Continue Reading

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Shane Alexander: Indie Music Artist & Friend

Shane Alexander 1

I am so lucky to have met some phenomenal people while working in the music business. For those of you who do not know, my previous life was marketing many of my all time favorite rock bands. I loved my job but it was hard on my mind, body and soul. During that time, I rocked hard and met many interesting but only a few exceptional people. One of my all time favorite rockstars (whom you should get to know if you don’t already) is Shane Alexander. We met while working for legendary music manager, Irving Azoff. (I marketed many… Continue Reading

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Under the Sheets with Antonio Sabato Jr. 2013: Relationship & Dating Tips Interview

Antonio Sabato Jr. relationship tips Interview with melanysguydlines 2013

Being a funny relationship blogger and dating advice giver, I am presented with various opportunities. Most of these things are ridiculous and barely make it into my inbox. But, I was given the chance to interview a total babe and of course I took it. You never know who you are going to meet or where, right? So, when I received an email from Antonio Sabato Jr.’s people of course I jumped at the opportunity to interview him regarding his new venture as a relationship blogger and online dating guru. “Enter celebrity serial dater turned online flirting guru, Antonio Sabato… Continue Reading

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