Blogger And Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat Answers

Being a Blogger/Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat Answers

Wow, my #Mediachat guest spot last week with Aaron Kilby was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed. The numbers were insane and we even had an entire class from University of Florida there. I was the guest of honor and did not even know it! They were hungry Gators! I won’t hold it against them even though I am a proud Wildcat For Life! BEARDOWN Since there were so many tweets (thank you) I thought I would share the questions and tweet-able answers I prepared for the chat just in case you missed them. There… Continue Reading

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I’m the Guest On #MediaChat Thurs. 2/16/17: Working With Brands You Love

I’m the Guest On #MediaChat Thurs. 2/16/17: Working With Brands You Love

Do you have plans tomorrow night? Now you do! Join me as I have been invited back to be the #mediachat guest on Twitter with Aaron Kilby. Aaron Kilby hosts #mediachat and he is one of my all time favorite people in social media and in real life. This twitter chat moves fast and is highly regarded as one of the top Twitter Chats. It is a chat not to miss! Trust me. It is hands down my favorite hours to spend on twitter and I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Please join us tomorrow… Continue Reading

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My Guest Lecture At The University of Arizona On Social Media

My Guest Lecture At The University of Arizona On Social Media

Last week, I drove to the University of Arizona to speak to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Department students about Blogging, Social Media, and being a Social Media Influencer. The school offers several different options of Majors and Minors focusing on a variety of topics surrounding the innovation and technological advancements of computer technology including the ever-changing landscape of Social Media. I wish they had these options when I was in school. The students were a bit hesitant at first but opened up pretty quickly. The professor had them prepare questions prior to my arrival, which was a… Continue Reading

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Happy Father’s Day: The Snarky Version

Happy snarky fathers day

I have been waiting since Mother’s Day to post this photo my mom found of my dad! Guess which one he is? Yep, the one on the left. Nice bird. Ha!! This probably explains where my sense of humor comes from!! Lol. Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy ever! I love you and wish I was there to spend this day together. Thank you for being the best ever! Hugs n’ Kissezz from Gizmo, Teddy Brewski and me of course!! ‪ So, does this explain where I get my snarky from? So, does this explain where I get my… Continue Reading

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MelanysGuydlines: Shorty Awards 2015 Vox Populi Winner In Blogger

MelanysGuydlines at the Shorty Awards 2015

Happy day after the Shorty Awards! Thank you for 577 nominations from my followers which earned this blog the BEST award, the Vox Populi a.k.a. fan favorite in blogger at the 2015 Shorty Awards! That is the one I wanted. I am truly grateful! Plus, I couldn’t imagine having better dates than my parents who have been supportive since day one, no matter what life has thrown our way. It hasn’t EVER been easy but we have always had each other. I love you both! Thanks for sharing this trip and honor with me. I know my sister, Brenna would… Continue Reading

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Why I Social Podcast Featuring Melany Berger: Shorty Awards Special

whyisocial podcast with Melany Berger

Happy Shorty Awards Day and Night! The day has finally arrived for the Shorty Awards and I will be attending the show tonight. You can watch it live on! But, before you watch the show make sure to listen to me on the Why I Social Podcast with Chris Barrows. I met (via twitter) Chris through my co-hosting appearances on Social Hangout with Eric Mitchell. Yes, I know that may be confusing to some who are not online as much as we are but I promise you that both of these men are putting out excellent and entertaining content not to be missed. I have been a guest on other podcasts but the Why I Social stands out. Chris is personable and flexible (with my crazy travel schedule). So, what makes his show stand out in a sea of content? Well, as he explains on the Why I Social… Continue Reading

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Live From New York: MelanysGuydlines At The Shorty Awards 2015

Melanysguydlines at the Plaza hotel for the Shorty Awards!

Good morning beautiful people! I am writing you today live from New York City! I have been enjoying the city with my cutie-parents for the past few days. We are here for the Shorty Awards! I am a finalist in blogger and already know I won the Vox Populi vote which is the honor for most nominations by the public a.k.a. YOU via Twitter!   Thank you so much for all of the support and nominations for a Shorty Award in blogger! Now, it is up to the academy to decide who wins in the Blogger category! Even if I… Continue Reading

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Jump In Our #SocialBath On #SocialHangout With Eric Mitchell: Guest Michelle Killebrew

Jump In Our #SocialBath On #SocialHangout With Eric Mitchell: Guest Michelle Killibrew

  There is no water shortage in Arizona and I am bathing in a #socialbath glow full of positive bubbles from last weeks #SocialHangout (that trended for nearly 7 hours on twitter). If you missed it, I had the honor of being a guest host along side Eric Mitchell and Vincenzo Landino while we spoke with Tamara McCleary. Tamara is one of the most beautiful women I have had the pleasure of speaking with in my social media journey, both inside and out. There was magic in that show. How much magic? Well, I will just let you know that… Continue Reading

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Work. Pack. Travel For Work. Repeat. Tweet. #SMMW15

My other fav blonde! Kim @KimReynolds

Happy Monday people! I am one step away from falling on my face but thought I would check in here first before I fall…down for a bit. The last few weeks have been insane but awesome nonetheless. Work. Pack. Travel for work. Repeat. I hate packing but you know that already from this 16 Things I Pack But Never Wear While Traveling. 1) 2 Types of zit cream. I think one is enough and even then, I never use it. 2) Cute shoes on the floor. They should stay there and if they are not comfy at home – why… Continue Reading

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Don’t Do These Things At A Social Media Conference

How big is your Klout? #smmw15pickuplines15

And…. commence packing ….again! I hate packing but have decided not to fully empty my suitcase any more because I am always on the road. Thanks to BMW for giving me this M suitcase so I can travel in style. And where am I off to next? Well, Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, CA. This is by far one of the best conferences and I highly suggest attending if you have the chance. Last year, I wrote a post called 16 Things Not To Do At (Any/Social Media) Conference and I just re-read that post and LOL’d. No… Continue Reading

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March Madness Makes Me Social: Win With ArizonaSOCIAL


It’s one of my favorite times of the year! Bring it on! What am I talking about? I am talking March Madness tournament people. Of course, it makes it a lot sweeter that I just got back from watching my University of Arizona Wildcats win the Pac 12 championship in Las Vegas last week and that they won yesterday for their first showing in the NCAA tournament. If you haven’t noticed I love my sports, music, fashion, snark and can’t help but share with you on this blog. The 6 questions I get asked all the time are: What do… Continue Reading

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I Am A Shorty Awards Finalist in Blogger: MelanysGuydlines

I AM A FINALIST FOR THE SHORTY AWARD IN BLOGGER!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL ALL 577 NOMINATIONS! The official announcement went out in the The Hollywood Reporter today!! Plus, I was the fan favorite, which is awesome and a special distinction for having the most nominations in the blogger category!!! I am a proud Vox Populi Shorty Award winner in blogger for 2015. The Vox Populi is a distinction given to finalists with exemplary campaigns and the most nominations. I am so excited and honored to be listed along side some of the most talented celebrities, actors, actresses,… Continue Reading

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