The Most Important Ingredient to Happy Relationships

This post by Laura today is spot on! The reason I haven’t been posting as often is that I am taking time for myself! Time to love myself! Words of wisdom in this post. Take it away….. Relationships are a lot like recipes, in that there is a recipe for relationship success and there’s a recipe for relationship misery. Of course, you need to use quality ingredients in order to create a beautiful cake, as if you use rotten ingredients then the end result isn’t going to taste nice, and if you miss an essential ingredient, the cake simply won’t… Continue Reading

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New Year’s Resolutions Are Lame: Guydlines Are Forever

New Years Resolutions Are Lame: Guydlines Are Forever

As I sit here on the eve of 2018, I take time to review my past New Years Eve posts full “guydlines-isms” and it is not surprising that I agree with 100% of what I have had to say in the past. I told you many times I am smarter than I look. Right? It is time for us to ring in another year and I am very excited and optimistic for 2018 (it may just be because I am cleansing and a little light headed but whatever). First, I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity… Continue Reading

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Family Matters: The Benefits Of Bringing Animals Into Your Home

Thanks to Laura for another great post.  Lots of people choose to keep pets at home with their families. However, there are many others who never even consider the idea. It’s the second group of people I’m trying to reach today. Like it or not, there are many different benefits of bringing animals into your home. That is especially the case if you have children with your partner. With all that in mind, I advise you to read the information on this page carefully. You never know! Your family might miss out if you never bring a pooch or kitten… Continue Reading

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What Women Really Want In Life And Love

Thanks to Laura for this great post! Take it away…. At a time where blogs and online publication are full of articles designed to advise women on how to behave in their relationships, it seems important to remind yourself of what you want. You live in a complex world that is in constant evolution. Consequently, it’s likely that the advice you find about living a happy life may already be outdated, or they may not be suited to who you are. As a woman, you are not the fragile and passive princess of the fairy tales who waits for her… Continue Reading

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Life is complicated. Raising a great dog doesn’t have to be.

Life is complicated. Raising a great dog doesn’t have to be.

Thank you to Rob Steinberg for this guest post. He is a fellow Wildcat and dog fan, especially a Teddy Brewski fan. Read this because life is complicated but raising a great dog does not have to be with the Puptimize App. It’s Teddy Brewski and Giggi Vanderpump approved so you know its good. Take it away Rob…… It’s great being Teddy Brewski. His days are filled with people letting him know how cute he is (even though he already knows) and incredibly relaxing afternoon naps in the sun. Yep, life is pretty good for Teddy. But life is a… Continue Reading

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Fashion: No Mo Boho

Fashion: No Mo' Boho

Attention Fashion Designers: I am over the “Coachella – inspired” BoHo BS look! 1. Coachella did begin as a concert or a place to hear GOOD music? Correct? Not as a fashion statement. 2. Boho is a no go on most. Word to most – you look like a couch. 3. I left my heart in SF a while ago but pretty sure it wasn’t the 60s. Please! I am so over this look and it is completely contradictory to my ROCKER music taste too btw. So, bring back glamour! I am not sure I would wear my derby day… Continue Reading

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Dress To Impress: Some Advice For Bringing Out Your Inner Sexy

I’m in the market for a new partner! Are you? Read some tips from Laura on how to dress to impress and bring out your inner sexy. Take it away….. If you’re in the market for a new partner, you want to be looking your sexiest. It’s time to ditch the jogging bottoms and the team building t-shirt you got from work and find new ways to look even sexier. Here are some hot tips. Wear Lace Pexels Currently, sites like are offering discounts on Victoria Secret lines. That’s good news, since lace, according to Dr. Ava Cadell, is… Continue Reading

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Just In Time For March Madness: Melany Berger On Cats In The Corner Office

Just In Time For March Madness: Melany Berger On Cats In The Corner Office

It is my favorite time of year! The weather is amazing (maybe a little toastier than usual in Arizona reaching 95 and 96 degrees the past few days), Spring Training Baseball in the Valley of the Sun (Go Giants) and March Madness College Basketball all over the country. Plus, I just returned from watching my University of Arizona Wildcats win the PAC 12 tournament in Las Vegas and we are already well into the March Madness tournament playing in the Sweet Sixteen tomorrow. Woohoo! Go CATS! BEARDOWN. March 1 is the day that I was interviewed by the Arizona Alumni… Continue Reading

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A Gift Guy-de: Buying For Men Is Tricky

A Gift Guy-de: Buying For Men Is Tricky

Read this awesome gift “Guy-de” for what to buy men from Laura! She did it again with some great tips. Now, get shopping ladies. Buying gifts for men is tricky. Perhaps it’s only a stereotype or perhaps it’s the way we’ve been brainwashed to view shopping through advertising, but it often seems like the options for men are so scarce, other than clothing or technology. There comes a point, of course, when you find yourself growing tired of buying the same sort of thing for birthdays, Christmases and perhaps even anniversaries, if the man in question is your significant other…. Continue Reading

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Blogger And Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat Answers

Being a Blogger/Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat Answers

Wow, my #Mediachat guest spot last week with Aaron Kilby was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed. The numbers were insane and we even had an entire class from University of Florida there. I was the guest of honor and did not even know it! They were hungry Gators! I won’t hold it against them even though I am a proud Wildcat For Life! BEARDOWN Since there were so many tweets (thank you) I thought I would share the questions and tweet-able answers I prepared for the chat just in case you missed them. There… Continue Reading

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Can’t Find The One? These Barriers Could Be Holding You Back

Thank you to Laura for these great tips for finding love in this modern age.  Most of us envisage ourselves falling head over heels in the style of a Disney movie at some point in our lives. If you’re single, and you can’t seem to find the one, you may be losing hope. But hang in there! They say there’s somebody out there for everyone, so don’t lose hope. If you’re struggling in your pursuit of true love, perhaps these barriers are holding you back. You’re looking in the wrong place Are you looking for Prince Charming? Are you hoping… Continue Reading

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My Resolutions: Guyd For 2017

Take time to stop and smell the roses.

This year I am going to try a few new things. I am going to stick with these promises to myself because that is what resolutions are – aren’t they? I better or I am going to be really upset with myself. Plus, I will have no one to blame but me. 1. Make appointments in my calendar for “ME” time. Seriously. I have two “meetings” a week labeled in my calendar as “Zumba” and at least one titled “Golf Lesson”. I work hard and these “meetings” help with my sanity. The only way I can consistently attend them is… Continue Reading

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