Life is complicated. Raising a great dog doesn’t have to be.

Life is complicated. Raising a great dog doesn’t have to be.

Thank you to Rob Steinberg for this guest post. He is a fellow Wildcat and dog fan, especially a Teddy Brewski fan. Read this because life is complicated but raising a great dog does not have to be with the Puptimize App. It’s Teddy Brewski and Giggi Vanderpump approved so you know its good. Take it away Rob……

It’s great being Teddy Brewski. His days are filled with people letting him know how cute he is (even though he already knows) and incredibly relaxing afternoon naps in the sun. Yep, life is pretty good for Teddy. But life is a lot more complicated for us humans. Especially when it comes to being a great pet parent.

Luckily, Teddy found a great new app called Puptimize, which is making life so much easier because he wasn’t learning enough just watching Animal Planet. He needed a more personalized approach.

This is where the Puptimize App comes in!

Puptimize App


We love our dogs more than anything, but it can be so challenging to know the right things to do for them. It takes money, time, and knowledge to do that and most of us don’t have enough of at least one of those. And a lot of people don’t have ANY of those!

That’s what makes Puptimize so cool. Their app makes it easy to know what to do by providing free professional training and expert product recommendations—all personalized to you and your dog.

Puptimize understands that the money/time/knowledge challenges make it tricky to be a great pet parent, so they made the app free, fun, and easy. The app breaks each lesson into simple step-by-step activities that take around 10 minutes a day. You even earn accomplishment badges that you can share across social to let your friends know just how awesome you and your dog are.

Puptimize App

Teddy loves attention!

Not only does Puptimize make training super simple, but their team of trainers and vets shows you the best products to buy to help you accomplish your training goals––like a 15 foot training leash, which most people don’t have. Those products are worked into each lesson and you can buy them from Amazon in one tap.

And as if all of that wasn’t making raising a great dog simple enough, Puptimize even sends you a reminder notification to let you know what you need to do that day to train your dog—at the time you choose.

Let’s face it, digging through millions of random opinions is ruff, but all of their training information is based on the latest science and is always positive. So you don’t need to search all over. Puptimize’s lead trainer has more certifications than I could list and as one of the top trainers in the country, she’s always invited to share her expertise on TV, the Internet, and magazines.

But, even after saying all those great things about Puptimize, the best part is that they created this app to do some good in the world. Their mission is to reduce the tragically high number of dogs that are given up and given away. To help make that happen, they’re partnering with rescues across the U.S., like Lisa Vanderpump’s Vanderpump Dog Foundation—to help make sure none of the rescues’ adopted dogs are returned to them by unprepared and overwhelmed adopters. Puptimize believes that by making it easy for everyone to be a confident, knowledgeable pet parent, they can help end the cycle of canine abandonment.

They’ve started with the most important commands for your dog but the app will soon have games, tricks, skills and more.

Check out their overview video and then download the app for free on the App Store!

YouTube Link
App Store Link

Also, follow them on social to get helpful training tips, dog recue info, and pictures of some of the cutest dogs you’ll ever see…well, not as cute as Teddy Brewski, but still really cute.

Instagram: @puptimize
Facebook: @puptimize
Twitter: @puptimize

For those of you that just got a puppy, Puptimize has a free Puppy Instruction Manual to help you out. The guide covers everything you could want to know from preparing your home to potty training to socialization. You can download it on their website,

Isn’t this pawsome? Teddy and I think so! Go get the app and let me know what you think. Plus, stay tuned because Teddy Brewski might be featured on Puptimize! Thank you Rob for this post and sharing this great idea.

WOOF! Teddy Brewski  and Giggy Vanderpump Approved.




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