Work. Pack. Travel For Work. Repeat. Tweet. #SMMW15

Happy Monday people! I am one step away from falling on my face but thought I would check in here first before I fall…down for a bit.

The last few weeks have been insane but awesome nonetheless. Work. Pack. Travel for work. Repeat. I hate packing but you know that already from this 16 Things I Pack But Never Wear While Traveling.

1) 2 Types of zit cream. I think one is enough and even then, I never use it.

2) Cute shoes on the floor. They should stay there and if they are not comfy at home – why in the hell do I think they are going to be better while traveling?

3) Shoes again. You can’t fold them or flatten and the reason I always have to pay overweight charge.

4) 100’s of Qtips. I mean – I am one person. How many can I actually use?

5) 20 pairs of socks. I have two feet and two shoes. You do the math because apparently I can’t.


Of course after this past trip, I have more to add here. What do you pack but never wear while traveling?

Anyway – Last week, I flew to San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World and had a blast. My brain is still a little scrambled but I think I should be back to my snarky self by tomorrow!

What a difference a year makes? This was my second year attending this conference and it feels awesome to know that all the hard work and snarkiness has provided me with the opportunity to meet amazing people in the social media world. I am truly honored, inspired and humbled by my social media family! While in San Diego, I was surrounded by the best of the BEST in the business! Social media is where our world lives and every business can benefit from attending. If you are in SoMe (social media), apps, or just run a business – you need to go! Thank you to all my social friends and – you all rock! Cheers to another amazing year with all of us kicking more ass than we did last year! Now, stay snarky my friends. And yes, that was ME every SINGLE time….Melany, the snarky, blonde blogger!

But before I go, check out some of the photos from the conference and make sure to follow all of these accounts on twitter!

Follow Andrew on Twitter! @M3Mktg

Andrew and I finally got to sit down and chat face to face. Follow him!



Carlos Gil & Gabe Villamizar

Follow Carlos at @CarlosGil83 and Gabe @Gabevillamizar



Michelle Killibrew

People thought she was my doppleganger


My other fav blonde! Kim @KimReynolds

My other fav blonde! Kim @KimReynolds


#smmw15 crew

So much greatness in this photo!


@EricLMitchell aka @SocialHangout #socialhangout

@ChrisMikulin aka dope yo yo man


@socialbeards #socialbeards


bryan kramer



Not pictured but you must follow:









** Stephen did not physically attend the conference but was one of the most RT there! LOL

And ME! @Melanyb12





**Stay snarky my friends!**

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2 Responses to Work. Pack. Travel For Work. Repeat. Tweet. #SMMW15

  1. Travis Knight March 31, 2015 at 11:24 am #

    AWESOME. Looks like you had a blasty blast out there and even bough a fighter jet. Thats some SERIOUS snark!! But I’m not surprised by all the things you pack and kinda funny. Always a delight to read about your Adventures in Snarksitting…

    • Melany April 2, 2015 at 10:44 am #

      I did! Ha – snarksitting! Love it!

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