Blogger And Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat Answers

Being a Blogger/Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat Answers

Wow, my #Mediachat guest spot last week with Aaron Kilby was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed. The numbers were insane and we even had an entire class from University of Florida there. I was the guest of honor and did not even know it! They were hungry Gators! I won’t hold it against them even though I am a proud Wildcat For Life! BEARDOWN

Since there were so many tweets (thank you) I thought I would share the questions and tweet-able answers I prepared for the chat just in case you missed them.

There is so much to discuss about working with brands you love so I am happy to answer any questions! Just leave me a comment here, there or anywhere! This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding this subject.

Thank you to Tweetbinder for the stats on the chat.

Being a Blogger/Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat

Being a Blogger/Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat


Being a Blogger/Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat


Being a Blogger/Social Media Influencer: How to Work With Brands You Love #MediaChat

Media Chat February 16, 2017 With Aaron Kilby: #mediachat

1.How did you get started with your blog and did you know that you would be able to turn it into a profession?

1A I started my blog as a cathartic outlet writing snarky dating posts but after #SMMW I discovered a world of opps in #some #mediachat

2A Im not 1 dimensional & neither are my followers. I know the brands I love & passionate about it. It shines through my posts #mediachat

3A I reached out to @DefLeppard designer @icjuk & @Overstock & they said yes! Just ask the brand. The worst they can say is “no” #mediachat

2.How do you find brands to work with? Do they find you?

2A Both. I work w/ brand I use & love. I post about them organically 1st then provide the engagement on those posts in my pitch #mediachat

2B Im an influencer @SheKnows, pref publisher w/ @cjnetwork, @izea & other influencer agencies that bring me great brands #mediachat

2C Posting pics, tweeting & positive interaction from followers before pitching a brand directly is honest, organic & effective #mediachat

3.What makes you stand out amongst other influencers/bloggers when brands are looking to hire?

3A Write PERSONAL, honest & snarky posts w/engaging images. Interact, share on ALL channels. Brands I work w/love honesty & humor #mediachat

3B Go above & beyond. Show unique personality in posts. Don’t automate the same posts. If I don’t promote myself. Who will? #mediachat

4.Do you have a form letter or media kit? What should be included to attract the right brands.

4A Yes. Its a job keeping a media kit up to date but is essential when pitching brand Media Kit: #mediachat

4B Media Kit should reflect your personality, have updated numbers, past work experience. Show off what makes you different! #mediachat

5.Why do brands hire social media influencers versus celebrities?

5A Brands hire influencers b/c of trusted & personal relationship w/followers. I, personally interact and reply to all followers. #mediachat

5B Brands hire celebs for ads. They hire influencers for honest opinions, building relationships w/potential customers. #mediachat

5C Not all influencers are created equal! Picking the right influencer is key & less expensive for brands #mediachat

5D Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2  #mediachat

6.What is your favorite type of campaign to work on?

6A I have success w/giveaways! I love giving back to my followers b/c they are the best & everyone loves free stuff. #mediachat 

6B Giveaways are a win/win for brands & influencers. It creates a buzz & both parties benefit if cross promo is done right. #mediachat

7.What should brands do to amplify successful partnerships with bloggers/social media influencers

7A Its not enough to just hire an influencer w/out supporting them! Brands hire to promote so they MUST cross-promote! #mediachat

7B Brands & influencers have relationships commitments like an influencers relationships w/their followers. Engage & support #mediachat

7C The @AdoreOrganicHQ is doing it right: celeb endorsements, supporting influencers, brand ambassadors program & interacting #mediachat

8. Are sweepstakes a good way to partner with brands? Are there rules?

8A Brands love traction my giveaways. I build their #some following, drive people to their site & create a buzz all in one! #mediachat

8B There are legal rules to hosting giveaways! I use @rafflecopter to take care of widget set up, legal, & choosing winner #mediachat

8C You MUST follow legal rules when running a giveaway w/a brand. Protect both parties. Its more than just giving away prizes #mediachat

9. How do you monetize? I see you monetize your dog @sirteddybrewski? Tell me more about that.

9A People love cute dogs w/snarky names @sirteddybrewski & follow dogs for specific dog related brand suggestions. #mediachat

9B Babies & dogs =marketing 101. Brands pay a lot of $ for dogs w/a passionate dog lover following. @sirteddybrewski is my boss. #mediachat

9C Dogs who tweet is the sheet! Plus, look at Teddy Brewski? I mean… #mediachat

10. How do you measure the success of campaign with a brand?

10A A successful campaign is one that people interact with: comment, likes, share & earn a lot of entries. #mediachat

10B When a brand comes back for a 2nd/3rd campaign. That’s success. Repeat partnerships like mine w/ @overstock @AdoreOrganicHQ #mediachat

10C Success is also when @IZEA writes about your success as an influencer on a campaign w/ @letgo brand #mediachat

WOOHOO!! Thank you!

Save the date March 1 as I will be live on the Cats In the Corner Office and ready to answer your questions live! Sign up here and join me! (Gators welcome).

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**Stay snarky my friends!**

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