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Shane Alexander: Indie Music Artist & Friend

Shane Alexander 1

I am so lucky to have met some phenomenal people while working in the music business. For those of you who do not know, my previous life was marketing many of my all time favorite rock bands. I loved my job but it was hard on my mind, body and soul. During that time, I rocked hard and met many interesting but only a few exceptional people. One of my all time favorite rockstars (whom you should get to know if you don’t already) is Shane Alexander. We met while working for legendary music manager, Irving Azoff. (I marketed many… Continue Reading

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MG Welcomes An0maly (with a zero) – Social Media Ninja

Hey MG fans! It has been a rough day for me but I am so excited to officially introduce you to the new member of our family. I was looking for a rockstar, social media, ninja and I found him – well, he is actually a rapper, social media, ninja. Seriously! MG fans meet AJ aka “An0maly” with a zero. Don’t get into a word match with him because he will win. I am so impressed with him already – check him out. Here he is in his words….. AJ Faleski is a seasoned wizard/black belt ninja (That’s actually completely… Continue Reading

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Funny Relationship Advice: Tips from the MTV VMA Circus 2013

Wil smith looking at miley cyrus ass on mtv vmas

There are a few things I know and that is funny relationship advice and music! I have also been known to give funny relationship tips now and again, right? So, let me blend my favorite things into one post, shall we? Did any of you survive the madness of MTVs 2013 VMA’s last night? If you did not watch the show, then you missed a circus. That is the nicest way I can describe the monstrosity that used to be one of my favorite television nights of the year. The show started and I don’t think I really ever recovered… Continue Reading

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Rolling Stone: Selling or Selling Out?

rolling stone magazine selling out

Rolling Stone magazine depicting the Boston marathon terrorist as a Rock star by giving him the cover is so un-American and definitely un-rock n’ roll. That cover is a coveted spot where kids and adults of all ages with a guitar, bass, mic or drumsticks, dream to obtain that honor. It is like making Majors in Baseball. Come on – rock is in the shitter and now rock journalism too? I am all for freedom of speech (obviously) but Rolling Stone has sold out to sell out magazines. It is one thing to make money but another to capitalize off… Continue Reading

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Matt’s Guydlines to Being a Rock Star (Pt. 2 – The Hair)

Alright people, round 2.  In the month or so since Pt. 1 – The Instrument was published, you should have been able to master your weapon of choice.  Remember, talent is a negligible factor in this equation.  Strap on that stringed conundrum and get your ass in front of a mirror.  Work on your stance, eyebrow gestures and hip gyrations.  Once everything is complementing each other in a hyper-sexualized communion, it’s time to tackle one of the most untamable elements of your rock persona – The Hair. If there’s one steadfast piece of advice I can impart on you in… Continue Reading

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MG’s Billboard Music Awards Recap

I’ll be completely honest with you, I had absolutely no plans of the Billboard Music Awards even registering on my conscious this morning.  On occasion, I’ll pull up the award results in the days following and snicker at media I’ve never consumed earning trophies for their supposed brilliance.  A few awards will always carry some social significance – the Grammy, the Oscar, or the Emmy – and even a few performances have managed to carve out some space in my memory.  For the most part, however, we’re thrown corporate fodder at a runtime well north of a Yankees/Red Sox game…. Continue Reading

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This Rocks – Monster Energy Outbreak College Nor/So Cal dates

As most of you know, my heart pumps to the beat of music and I bleed rock n roll! My background is rock music and I have been blessed to work with some very cool (and some not so cool) bands along the way. I know you enjoy reading about my trials and tribulations working in music business and I can tell you that there are a lot more blog posts about past music experiences to follow. But, one of the coolest parts about this blogging journey is that new and amazing opportunities present themselves each and every day. Some… Continue Reading

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Matt’s Guydlines to Being a Rock Star (Pt. 1 : The Instrument)

I fell down another internet rabbit hole the other night, you guys.  I never can remember where these things start, but I can tell you roughly where it ended before I passed out with a pile of jelly beans in the little makeshift crib of my jacket.  It’s worth noting that Kobe Bryant has played an exponentially more significant role in my life since I’ve moved to Los Angeles.  So it’s not totally random that I read this ridiculously compelling article on Grantland about Kobe’s attempt at a rap career.  He’s definitely not the first athlete (or actor, politician etc.)… Continue Reading

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Van Halen in Las Vegas: I am with the band

Ah Las Vegas! I have spent many days and nights in my favorite city doing all types of unimaginable things. One of my most memorable “vacays” in sin city was not a vacation at all. When I worked in the illustrious music business, marketing rock bands, I was presented with an offer “to work” a show that I could not refuse. I am talking about Van Halen people. You know who they are, right? Well, one of the first tours I ever had the privilege of working on was Van Halen (not with Diamond Dave but with the Red Rocker… Continue Reading

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Foo Fighters: Wins for no talent, bad chops, & worst band name ever!

I was not impressed or excited to hear that Dave Grohl was talking and playing  SXSW in Austin, which is one of the biggest music festivals of the year. I just don’t get it. The rock n’ roll community needs to step up and embrace real musicians and good music. Just wander into any bar in Austin, and I guarantee you will find more talent than the Foo Fighters. I saw a girl weighing 95 lbs (soaking wet) rock a bar and schlep a bass around the perimeter for hours during her set. She sang too (and well). Or, what… Continue Reading

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Rock! Rock! Til You Drop

Bring back rock n roll!

The week of Passover and Easter is upon us and I really need some rock n’ roll in my life right now. That ALWAYS seems to (almost) cure feelings of disappointment in the people and situations around me. This year is no different; it is TIME to go back to Las Vegas for Def Leppard in my ears and rock in my veins. One thing is for sure; they were no one hit wonder! (more…) **Stay snarky my friends!**

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American Idol: Nicki Minaj or Fran Drescher’s “The Nanny”

Nicki Minaj - not as a good of a rapper as the tootsie roll wrapper

I can barely watch American Idol this year. Just listening to Nikki Minaj’s voice makes me want to jump out my window. The show with Fran Drescher, The Nanny– yeah, that is what Nikki sounds like. Since when does she have the proper credentials to judge someone on their singing voice when she can’t sing (or speak in a somewhat tolerable voice?) One hit wonder is more like it! She should stick to creating edible hair and using Crayolas to draw on her face. (more…) **Stay snarky my friends!**

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