A Guide to Staying Connected to Your Long-Distance BFF


Please enjoy this guest post! This time we are talking BFF’s and how important it is to stay connected no matter how far away the two of you live from one another. (I totally agree that surprising a BFF is super fun and she will love you for it. My BFF always surprised me for every Birthday until I moved to be closer to her in Arizona.) Enjoy and thank you for the tips! Your BFF is your rock, your everything. She knows you so well that she can even finish your sentences. Whether you’ve had the same best friend… Continue Reading

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Bang Your Head…Carefully

Bang Your Head..carefully

Bang your head….carefully! I write a blog but it doesn’t always mean I follow my own advice 100% of the time. I’m human! Plus, I can’t be held accountable when some good tunes come on from Metallica or Godsmack. And…..Teddy Brewski accidentally gave me a black eye. Don’t worry- I’m not pressing charges. But, I have frozen broccoli on my face and think the least he can do is get me some frozen corn for tomorrow. Still waiting to see if I’m concussed but pretty sure I am because I watched The Bachelorette and Dancing With The Stars. Question is… Continue Reading

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Why People Like Memes 4: Extra Snarky

Why People Like Memes 4

I have not done an installment of “Why People Like Memes” in a few months and since I am moving slower than my ex-boyfriend running for the last piece of cake at a party, I am pleased to present you with a few extra guydlines for your snarky, reading pleasure. Enjoy and hope you are having a stellar Tuesday morning. BTW – I am using the number 4 for this one since I get confused the higher the Roman Numeral goes. K? Better to be safe than sorry and called out by trolls later down the line, right? I am… Continue Reading

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Let’s Play Ball: Live With SF Giants Bryan Srabian at AT&T Park Friday 5/7/15 for Social Hangout

Let’s Play Ball: Live With SF Giants Bryan Srabian at AT&T Park Friday 5/7/15 for Social Hangout

I have Matt Williams rookie card in mint condition. My sister was the only girl invited to Barry Bonds birthday party when she was 7. My mom bowled with some of the wives from the SF Giants team circa 70’s and I learned how to fire a softball from the hot corner when I was just a little, snarky one. I grew up playing every sport under the sun. By the time I was in high school, I was an annoying date for any baseball game since I had the ability (and still do) to call pitch location before the… Continue Reading

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Exclusive Interview with Jane Seymour on Social Hangout: Mother’s Day

Jane Seymour

Happy Mother’s Day week! If your mother is anything like mine she deserves to be honored 365 days a year. She has been there for me through both good and bad times. One day is not enough to thank her for everything she does and continues to do for me. I love my mom! She is a rockstar and the Queen Supreme of snark. In case you missed it, I had the privilege of interviewing Jane Seymour on Social Hangout last week talking about our mothers and Mother’s Day. BTW….I am the new co-host of Social Hangout on Fridays so… Continue Reading

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Summer Festival Fashion and Safety Guide

Summer Festival Fashion and Safety Guide

Please enjoy this guest post from Rachel Elliott about some of my favorite topics….summer, festivals, fashion and more! Take it away Rachel…..drum roll and guitar riffs please…..   Summer is just around the corner and with it comes summer music festivals. Coachella, one of the first major festivals of the year, has just ended, and while it tends to set the scene for the year’s festival fashions, you don’t have to feel like you missed out if you couldn’t attend. There are tons and tons of other big and small music festivals all summer long, so get yourself in the… Continue Reading

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BOOM! Win A Sony PlayStation 4 Bundle And Wired Headset Worth $450

BOOM! Win A Sony PlayStation 4 Bundle AND Wired Headset Worth $450

Spring has sprung and the weather is gorgeous here in Arizona. Too bad I am never here to enjoy it for longer than 5 consecutive days at a time. But, soon I can picture myself laying by the pool and working on my tan. With all of my travels I realized that I have not hosted a giveaway in a while and you know how much I love giving away free products to my followers. Plus, I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you again for all of the support earning me the Shorty Award Vox Populi… Continue Reading

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MelanysGuydlines: Shorty Awards 2015 Vox Populi Winner In Blogger

MelanysGuydlines at the Shorty Awards 2015

Happy day after the Shorty Awards! Thank you for 577 nominations from my followers which earned this blog the BEST award, the Vox Populi a.k.a. fan favorite in blogger at the 2015 Shorty Awards! That is the one I wanted. I am truly grateful! Plus, I couldn’t imagine having better dates than my parents who have been supportive since day one, no matter what life has thrown our way. It hasn’t EVER been easy but we have always had each other. I love you both! Thanks for sharing this trip and honor with me. I know my sister, Brenna would… Continue Reading

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Why I Social Podcast Featuring Melany Berger: Shorty Awards Special

whyisocial podcast with Melany Berger

Happy Shorty Awards Day and Night! The day has finally arrived for the Shorty Awards and I will be attending the show tonight. You can watch it live on! But, before you watch the show make sure to listen to me on the Why I Social Podcast with Chris Barrows. I met (via twitter) Chris through my co-hosting appearances on Social Hangout with Eric Mitchell. Yes, I know that may be confusing to some who are not online as much as we are but I promise you that both of these men are putting out excellent and entertaining content not to be missed. I have been a guest on other podcasts but the Why I Social stands out. Chris is personable and flexible (with my crazy travel schedule). So, what makes his show stand out in a sea of content? Well, as he explains on the Why I Social… Continue Reading

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Live From New York: MelanysGuydlines At The Shorty Awards 2015

Melanysguydlines at the Plaza hotel for the Shorty Awards!

Good morning beautiful people! I am writing you today live from New York City! I have been enjoying the city with my cutie-parents for the past few days. We are here for the Shorty Awards! I am a finalist in blogger and already know I won the Vox Populi vote which is the honor for most nominations by the public a.k.a. YOU via Twitter!   Thank you so much for all of the support and nominations for a Shorty Award in blogger! Now, it is up to the academy to decide who wins in the Blogger category! Even if I… Continue Reading

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What Is A Good Word To Describe Someone Who Is A “DingDong”?

What is a good word to describe someone who is a "dingdong"?

I wonder how many times a day I shake my head at all the idiots I know? When I say that I work as a flytrap for all the stupid people in the world, I really do. So, what does one do when they can’t believe all the stupidy around them? One takes to Facebook to ask for a little help from their real friends. This is a real thread from my snarky friends on Facebook! Thanks to everyone who replied! I told you this was good for a post! When I say I work as a flytrap for all… Continue Reading

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