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How To Make Valentine’s Day As Individual As You Are

How To Make Valentine's Day As Individual As You Are

Thank you Laura for this post about Valentine’s day!! It is coming up next week. Are you ready? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but what if you’re turned off not on by the usual stuff that comes with the day love is celebrated across the world? If you can’t bear the thought of a giant cuddly toy, a single red rose and a cheesy declaration – don’t panic, you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day with your partner. The secret is making your day as individual as you and your man are. After all, your relationship isn’t the same as everyone… Continue Reading

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How To Make Your Valentine’s Day Special When Sticking To A Budget

How To Make Your Valentine's Day Special When Sticking To A Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to celebrate any holiday! Valentine’s Day is no different. Check out some great suggestions from Laura on how to make your Valentine’s Day special while on a budget! Valentine’s day should be all about showing your partner just how much they mean to you. But if your bank balance is still recovering from the holidays, you may be concerned that it won’t be particularly special this year. Expensive gifts and dining at fancy restaurants may be what is traditionally expected on this day. But these are not always the best way… Continue Reading

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How to Give Your Love Life a Quick Boost


This is a lovely post just in time for Valentines Day! I am going to take some of these suggestions and use them. So should you! Thanks Laura for another great post. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so you might want to perk your love life up a little before it arrives. Whether you’re currently in a relationship or you’re as free as a bird, here are some tips to give your love life a quick boost: Focus on Your Daily Habits Your daily habits will have a lot to do with the state of your current relationship… Continue Reading

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Valentine’s Day: Who Needs Cupid When You Have eHarmony?

Valentines Day: Who Needs Cupid When you have eHarmony?

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday and if you get lucky enough maybe it will be warm, fuzzy and touchy-feely in all the right places. I like warm and fuzzy. Who doesn’t? Who are you going to get touchy-feely with and where will you find this person? You don’t want to just spend this holiday with just anyone do you? You deserve better than that and so do I! Combined with the pressure to find that perfect someone and because your parents want grandchildren before they are too old, the search can become overwhelming and exhausting. But, you have to… Continue Reading

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Mel’s Hits & Misses Valentines Day 2014-PART 2

Accessories Council’s #ACTOPPICKS Valentine’s Day Gift Bag

I love accessories more than anyone. This is an honest AND fair statement! I have been known as the girl with “long blonde hair, big brown eyes, long nails and lots of jewelry” ever since I can remember (Melanie Felony time). I would have more things hanging from me than Mr. XMAS tree if I could work it fabulously. Too bad I haven’t met Mr. Right to slide a sparkler on my ring finger. Come on cupid – how is the shooting practice going? Anyway, if it doesn’t glitter, sparkle, have studs or catch your eye – I am not… Continue Reading

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Mel’s Hits & Misses Valentines Day 2014-PART 1

It is that time of year and since people think I am some sort of  a relationship expert –ish, I have received many awesome and not so awesome product reviews/requests. I wish my dating prospects were as good as some of these items. I hope my chubby, cherub a.k.a. cupid has been going to the shooting range. I will pay for him to have lessons to improve his aim and stop hitting all the asses of assholes. At this point, I would rather have Ted…..ehh Teddy Brewski than any other prospects. Cupid – you listening? 1. Ted Doll (I found… Continue Reading

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