Valentine’s Day: Who Needs Cupid When You Have eHarmony?

Valentines Day: Who Needs Cupid When you have eHarmony?

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday and if you get lucky enough maybe it will be warm, fuzzy and touchy-feely in all the right places. I like warm and fuzzy. Who doesn’t? Who are you going to get touchy-feely with and where will you find this person? You don’t want to just spend this holiday with just anyone do you? You deserve better than that and so do I! Combined with the pressure to find that perfect someone and because your parents want grandchildren before they are too old, the search can become overwhelming and exhausting. But, you have to throw your hat in the ring. I meet tons of people online and many of them have become real life friends and even boyfriends (yes, sadly that is plural and I am single). I am all for trying new things, and just happen to be date-less for Valentine’s Day, so I thought I would try online dating again. I have had enough of dating Mr. Wrong so it is time for me to meet Mr. Right. Right?

Just in time for the holiday, is offering their special Free Communication Weekend. Which allows you to join the site and try it out for absolutely no cost. Alone for Valentine’s Day? Spend the weekend messaging with people matched just for you!

But, while we are talking about Valentine’s Day…..

I am not sure when Valentine’s Day became so intense that we can’t laugh at Cupid shooting arrows at people in his unmentionables. 

Hallmark marketed this holiday that makes most people feel lonely and broke….and maybe even a little bloated. If you are single and you have no date, you are Valentine-less. You will have to sheepishly answer questions about what are you doing for Valentines Day with a little white, or nutty dark chocolate, lie (that you are probably eating alone in your bedroom with your cat). But, if you are in a relationship, the obligation and stress to make this day more special than the rest is sometimes insurmountable. I do not think there needs to be one specific day that your mate must show you more love and appreciation than any other day. But, if they do, maybe you are with the wrong person? That is not very fair or romantic. Isn’t romance the basis behind Valentine’s Day?

As a blogger, I have been inundated with the need to answer what the perfect gift for your sweetheart is, but is it really necessary to give a gift on this day? I am not sure, but the advertising gnomes have done an amazing job to make everyone feel the obligation of this holiday. I have enough– I blog. Why can’t we just go back to kindergarten when everyone in class got a handmade (DIY) Snoopy Valentine and a chocolate kiss? It was so much more fun and a lot easier on our wallets, lunchboxes, and thighs back then.

But, there is hope out there for all of us. There is someone who will share the same views as you and even the same thoughts about Valentine’s Day. As you all know, I am no stranger to dating and online dating. Yikes. Some of my experiences have been less than stellar but some have been wonderful. I am a big supporter of online dating. It works for a lot of people. I can’t tell you how many happy couples I have met that were introduced via an online dating site like eHarmony. It works.

Have you had success on it? Well, I highly suggest sitting down and taking the quiz and signing up for the site. eHarmony goes further than Tinder’s superficial, hot or not, premise and actually asks questions to match people up with similar views via their compatibility matching system. Like chocolate, jewelry or nothing for Valentine’s Day? You can meet someone with the same views as you? Are you ready for that? You are! So, go ahead and sign up! What do you have to lose?

You have no excuse now that you know eHarmony’s Free Communication Weekend will be going on. It’ll be a lot nicer to your wallet than blowing a bunch of money on the wrong person. The Free Communication Weekend is awesome because you can try out the dating site without officially committing to a subscription. So, I am going to totally take advantage. Now that you know what I will be doing between Feb 12, 2015-Feb 16, 2015, will you join me? Maybe you will meet someone before Valentine’s Day since it starts on Thursday, Feb 12! Don’t forget to thank me later. You are welcome.

Eharmony Free Communication Weekend




**Stay snarky my friends!**

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Day: Who Needs Cupid When You Have eHarmony?

  1. Mary February 13, 2015 at 9:10 am #

    I have eharmony to thank for my man! But man, the road wasn’t easy!!

    • Melany February 13, 2015 at 9:57 am #

      It never is! But, look at what you got! Awesome to hear that you two met on eHarmony!

  2. Divorced Kat February 13, 2015 at 10:00 am #

    I was really excited to try eHarmony, and I have to say, it’s been very disappointing. Total mismatches contacting me. 🙁 I have had almost no dates. My subscription ends next week and I will not be renewing. I’m very surprised that Match and OKCupid were more fun experiences!

    • Melany February 13, 2015 at 10:03 am #

      Awww….sorry to hear that! But, they have that free comm weekend. Maybe this weekend will be the weekend for a Valentine Match?

  3. Vicky February 15, 2015 at 7:16 am #

    It worked for my aunt who is 4 years with her husband as or me no plans on right now so much bitter in my system that i need a transfusion.

    • Melany February 15, 2015 at 11:44 am #

      HAHAHA! Don’t be bitter – I know it is hard sometimes. Writing helps me. Maybe you should try eHarmony? They are having that free comm weekend right now?

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