Summer Beauty Products, Accessories & More To Make You Sizzle

It is so hot in Arizona that I think I may be melting. But, I need a tan. There are a few problems with that statement. One you melt when you lay out in the Arizona sun and two, the risk of skin cancer. When I lived in Los Angeles, I never had an issue but as soon as I returned to Arizona I went for a yearly check up and had a few questionable beauty spots on my skin. So, I have been super cautious and always apply sunscreen.

I was given a few lotions from Safe Harbor to try and they are good! Safe Harbor combines science with nature and is natural, effective and chemical-free suncare.

A perfect blend of high SPF protection with natural anti-oxidants that reduce visible signs of UV aging. This quickly absorbed lotion helps the skin maintain its natural nutrients, and prevents excess loss of hydration.

The formula is enriched with a natural anti-aging formula essential to protect your face and neck. The chemical-free mineral UV filters offer uncompromising protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, while reducing signs of sun-induced aging including wrinkles and age spots.

Safe Harbor Suncare

Trust me. You don’t want to look like the bottom of a shoe by the time you hit 30 so take heed and always remember to lather up!

So, now that I am lathered up and ready to go what’s next? Well, if you want to look tight in your swimsuit and just can’t make it to the gym or are bored with your same old treadmill I suggest you workout in the pool. What? YES! You should workout in the pool. This isn’t your grandmother’s water aerobics but it sure does get your heart rate up!

Check out the workout featured on Popsugar Fitness!

I have been doing these in the pool and love it! It will get your heart rate up and tone that bod. Turn on some good tunes and rock this workout!

Thanks Popsugar!

Summer products that sizzle

What next?

Well, after the pool your skin is sure to be dry as a bone and you need to lubricate. So grab the new Intensive Care Vaseline Spray and lube up.

You don’t want your skin to be dry as a bone so this is a must have. Thanks to Influenster for sending me a sample.

Vaseline Spray

Now, you are tan, toned, and moisturized so you need to make sure your teeth are nice and white, right? But, not too white. What would you say if I told you you can get your teeth pearly white at home without making a trip to the dentist, that is affordable and good for sensitive teeth? Let me introduce you to Luster Premium White!

For easy-to-use, budget-friendly whitening solutions, Luster Premium White, innovators in teeth whitening, offer a variety of enamel-safe, zero sensitivity options that provide rapid results and will brighten your smiles for summer. There are several parts to this kit and it rocks! Trust me. I need white teeth especially since I take so many selfies. Don’t you?

*NEW* Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit
Best for—Quick fix whitening with instant and long lasting results.

Luster Pro Light ($43.99)
Best for—Reversing years of yellowing, getting ready for a big event, or starting your whitening regimen

Power White Toothpaste
Best for—Daily maintenance, replacing other toothpastes and fast whitening

Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Rinse
Best for—Giving your smile an instant boost, last minute whitening, and getting ready for a party of reunion


The Luster Premium White System

The entire system is amazing!

*Luster Premium White products are sold at Walgreen’s, among other retailers nationwide and I was provided with these awesome samples that I love!

A few of my “goto” products all year round are:

La Licious extraordinary whipped sugar kiss sugar scrub is the best scrub on the market in my opinion. It smells amazing and isn’t too coarse or too greasy. It is just right and when used prior to a shave, it gives me the smoothest body in town! YES. The only thing I wish is that the packaging for both lines was a bit better. La Licious body whipped sugar scrub comes in huge box and it isn’t necessary.

La Licious


Amore Pacific. I love this line. I use everything in the Moisture Rejuvinating line from daily face wash, moisture bound rejuvenating creme, face lotion with SPF toner, and lip balm. They are all awesome and I highly recommend them. The price is right and the products are even better. The only suggestion I would have is that Amore Pacific Face Lotion comes in a jar that is sometimes difficult to travel with. Thankfully, the Amore Pacific representatives at Neiman Marcus provide me with sample containers, which are perfect for traveling.

Amore Pacific rejuvinating line


You know I love my jewels so when I was contacted by the people at Simbi and was told their story I knew I had to share!

Simbi handmade accessories are about more than just beauty. Simbi’s entire line of hair-ties, headbands and accessories provide clean water and sustainable jobs to the people of Haiti with each purchase. From beach chic to arm candy cool, Simbi is a lifestyle brand that is doing a whole lot of good! Since 2015, Simbi atelier in Haiti has been committed to zero carbon with their solar power system.

Simbi Haiti

Look good while giving back! YES!

How amazing is that? Look great while giving back! I love it.

It is summertime and primetime for wearing sunglasses! YAY! Zenni Optical is a virtual eyewear company that is able to provide affordable eyewear by cutting out the retail middleman. All of their customizable eyewear can be ordered as sunglasses, even with prescription, non-scratch lens features, and more. Check out their site and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to use the feature to choose the shape of your face and test out the frame to see if it will look great on you!

Zenni Optical

And…I know that this is not a beauty product but I had to mention my new favorite summer treat called Bark Thins. You must try the dark chocolate pretzel flavor and I promise you your snacking will never be the same! So #breakupwithboring with these treats and enjoy the rest of your summer!



*I was given samples of some of the products listed in this post to try. Thank you to Influenster for providing me with samples as well. All opinions are my own.

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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  1. Miguel Nolasco August 7, 2015 at 11:13 am #

    Thanks Melany ..we don’t want YOU melting away .. and everything looks COOL . I will be sharing this post ..peace out

    • Melany August 12, 2015 at 6:21 pm #

      Trying to keep cool in this heat! Thankfully there is a gorgeous pool here!

  2. Jane R August 7, 2015 at 5:07 pm #

    I really love the beads. Have your worn them? Do they look as good in person? They seem very reasonable. I think I am going to try the vaseline spray moisturizer. Thank you for sharing.

    • Melany August 12, 2015 at 6:22 pm #

      YES! I wore them yesterday. Vaseline is a lifesaver after the pool! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Kim McKellum August 7, 2015 at 5:14 pm #

    Thank you Melanysguydlines. I saw your summer roundup last year and it was fun to read. You are a beautiful woman and I am sure you wouldn’t recommend anything that you haven’t tried yourself. Do you have any other tips for us followers because it looks like you tale really good care of yourself. Thank you from one of your most faithful followers. BTW, this is one of the first times I have ever written a comment I hope you see it.

    • Melany August 12, 2015 at 6:22 pm #

      Awww thanks so much! I always have a lot of tips or guydlines. Anything specific?

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