Melany Berger is a “no-holds-barred” blogger and social media influencer. She is the creator of MelanysGuydlines, which is a lifestyle blog with a snarky twist. She will tell you that snarky is witty but younger and better looking and says what most are thinking but do not say themselves. Think Chelsea Handler with a splash of Perez Hilton. MelanysGuydlines won the Best Dating and Relationship Blog of 2014 and the Shorty Awards Vox Populi 2015 for the most fan nominations in the blogger category.In addition to writing about relationships, Melany has proven herself as a trusted brand ambassador and social media influencer. She loves to give back to her readers through partnering with brands and offering exclusive opportunities. She works with top tier brands ranging from Microsoft, Lenovo, Murad, Zazzle, Cox Communication, Bud Light Lime, American Express, Disney, Overstock, USA Networks, the NFL and many more.When Melany is not blogging or representing brands, she can be found engaging with her followers online. She has amassed a large and loyal following of 100,000+ on her social media channels. A professional in the music industry, Melany has worked for major entertainment giants such as MTV, Irving Azoff and William Morris. Knowing the business inside and out, Melany has no shortage of hysterically epic and true tales of what it’s like to be a rock-star or at least party like one! She is an Advisory Board member at the University of Arizona for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and enjoys lecturing and teaching students about the future of social media and how they can turn social media influence into a profession. She is an active member on the Student Engagement and Marketing Committees for the Advisory Board as well as a recurring guest lecturer for eSociety at the University of Arizona.Melany’s family created two scholarships in her sister’s name at the University of Arizona after her passing in 2010. The two scholarships are awarded to a male and female student and part of the most prestigious at the University. The Brenna Ilana Berger Memorial Scholarship covers in-state tuition, room and board, and books. It honors her sister’s memory as an At-Risk School Counselor in Los Angeles by enabling students who have faced significant obstacles in the pursuit of their college education. Her family is very active in keeping close contact with the scholarship recipients.

Melany's Posts

Remembering September 11, 2001: God Bless America

Remembering those we have lost and thanking those who still serve our country. Proud to be an American each and every, single day. Thoughts are with all the families on this day of remembrance. God Bless America. NEVER FORGET! 9/11/01… Continue Reading

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Harvey’s Hungry: Lending A Helping Hand And Feeding Over 10,000 People

Harvey’s Hungry: Lending A Hand And Feeding Over 10,000 People

This post is a follow up to my first blog about Hurricane Harvey and the relief efforts to feed the hungry on the front lines in Houston. Jeff and Sheryl Weinstock of Cake & Bacon have been silent heroes in their quest to feed as many people as possible. I asked Jeff to give me a breakdown of what has happened since the hurricane hit and think it best he tell you what his team accomplished the past weekend serving over 10 thousand people. This is an incredible story and so happy to have been able to take a little… Continue Reading

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Heroes In Houston: Cake & Bacon Feeding The Front Lines

Heroes In Houston: Cake & Bacon Feeding The Front Lines

I have written a few posts in the past on the difference between social media influencers and celebrities in which there are many. But, today I want to address something different. This post addresses perhaps the most important aspect of being a social media influencer and that is using social media influence for the most important need of all: the good of humanity. I could discuss the super saturated social media world with everyone claiming to be a blogger or influencer now but instead I want to embrace the fact that we are all influencers in one way or another…. Continue Reading

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Use Our Influence For Good: Calling Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Brands and Friends

Influence For Good: Calling Brands, Influencers, Bloggers and Friends

I have been trying to keep my blog and timelines clear the past week for people in the Houston area and all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Today, I am calling on all my fellow influencers, bloggers, social media people, brands and friends to help people in need right now. Use our influence for good. I have reached out to a few friends in Houston doing amazing work and am trying to put something together but want to make sure what I donate is what they need and actually reaches the people that need it the most! If anyone… Continue Reading

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Holy zzysh®: Don’t Waste a Sip Of Wine Or Champagne Again

Holy Zzysh: Don't Waste a Sip Of Wine Or Champagne Again

This post discusses a very important topic: indulging in alcoholic beverages of the champagne and wine nature over and over again with out wasting a sip. We all deserve a glass of wine or champagne once in a while, right? For some of us, that is more often than others. For me, I am a Prosecco drinker! I love it. It is light and refreshing which is mandatory while living in the Arizona desert. It is sweet but not too sweet. I don’t like anything or anyone too sweet. I don’t trust them and neither should you. But, back to… Continue Reading

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I Swiped Right On Your Face Because

I totally swiped right on your face because you have/are: 1. A clear mugshot as your main profile photo. 2. Posing with the infamous hand on your hip pose to hide whatever you think you are hiding but are not and everyone knows it. 3. A selfie of you in the gym sans sleeves and wired headphones in your ears with a perfectly pressed shirt. 4. Failed to fill out the one and only question listed on the app. 5. A picture with a bunch of ladies surrounding you. 6. A picture with a bunch of guys so I have… Continue Reading

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Win A 9 Foot FUNBOY Yacht Pool Float With Cooler For 2

Win A 9 Foot FUNBOY Yacht Pool Float With Cooler For 2

Happy dog days of summer! I wish I was on a boat on a tropical island with a NICE young man feeding me frozen grapes and filling a never ending glass full of fruity, frothy, alcoholic beverages with a little umbrella in them, but I am not. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t turn the hot summer days into my own little fun in my backyard with my menagerie, Teddy Brewski and friends right? As you all know I love my pool floats and have become quite the float aficionado and collector. They are great party toys, perfect accessories for… Continue Reading

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Dating & Texting No No’s: Call Me If You Aren’t Amphibian or Reptilian

Dating & Texting No No's: Call Me If You Aren't Amphibian or Reptilian

Gentlemen. If you really want to get to know a girl better and perhaps go on a date, incessant texting lengthy interview-like questions is not going to cut it. Don’t have time for that. I type all day. I have around 100k of those types of relationships. Pick up a damn phone. I need to make sure you don’t sound like Kermit. Though, I hear that you need to kiss a lot of frogs. CALL ME if you aren’t amphibian or reptilian. We know I have had plenty of both in my life.  CALL ME if you aren’t amphibian or… Continue Reading

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Holy Bullsnake

Holy Bullsnake

So, this really happened to me last week! I had a 7 foot snake at my front door in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Thankfully, I was able to rule out that he was not a Rattlesnake but the neighborhood Bullsnake. He is apparently my friend and eats mice, rabbits and even rattlesnakes so we will keep him around. Also, he will keep all the other snakes I date out of the area. I named him Petey after my college boyfriend’s snake, cat and dog. Yes, they were all named Petey! Read all these comments from my facebook post and laugh because… Continue Reading

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Reflect, Respect And #RIPChrisCornell: From A Friend and Fan Who Bleeds Rock N’ Roll

Reflect, Respect And #RIPChrisCornell

I wrote this Facebook post after learning of Chris Cornell’s untimely passing this week. It received a lot of feedback and comments so I thought I should share it here as well. Read it. Do it. Reflect. Respect. “Do I miss LA and working in the music business? I am asked this ALL the time. That city and the business has taken so much from me and so many I have known and loved along the way. In just the past few years, Glenn Frey, Scott Weiland and now Chris Cornell have all passed and I am proud to say… Continue Reading

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Happy Mother’s Day full of KISSEZZ

Happy Mothers Day

  Happy and healthy Mother’s Day to the number one mom in the entire world – mine! Since, I can’t be in San Francisco to celebrate the most wonderful mother in the world for Mother’s Day I will start sharing right now! Though, I do not need wait for Mother’s Day to celebrate my mother since I try my best to celebrate her every single day because she is THAT special. Love you more than words and want to wish you a very happy and healthy Mother’s Day!!! Thank you does not say it enough for being my best friend,… Continue Reading

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Fashion: No Mo Boho

Fashion: No Mo' Boho

Attention Fashion Designers: I am over the “Coachella – inspired” BoHo BS look! 1. Coachella did begin as a concert or a place to hear GOOD music? Correct? Not as a fashion statement. 2. Boho is a no go on most. Word to most – you look like a couch. 3. I left my heart in SF a while ago but pretty sure it wasn’t the 60s. Please! I am so over this look and it is completely contradictory to my ROCKER music taste too btw. So, bring back glamour! I am not sure I would wear my derby day… Continue Reading

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