Win $300 Martian Passport Smartwatch You Can Talk & Listen On

You may have seen me sporting some new super cool gear on my wrist from Martian Watches. This is the perfect answer for anyone who always has their hands full with kids, dogs, beer or just can’t seem to locate that damn phone in your over sized purse or in wherever. This watch is not just a Smartwatch, it is smarter than all of the guys I have dated in the last year put together. This is not saying much for my taste in men but I have great taste in watches! The line of watches from Martian works both for IOS and Android so get ready to get excited!

Martian Passport Smart Watch

Nice watch!

I have the Martian Passport and not only does it look awesome on my wrist it saves me so much time digging in my purse to read texts, tweets, notifications, and even allows me to answer a call via my wrist. How cool is that? I know! You know I wouldn’t wear anything unless it looked “smart” – and is smart. HA


What is that on you wrist?

What is that on you wrist?

Plus, if you have this watch – you will be making a statement. Trust me. I wore it on my last trip to Las Vegas and everyone wanted a glimpse at my Martian. But, this one is mine!

Martian Smart Watch

Doing what I am always doing but it was nice to have the Martian on my wrist.

The award-winning Martian Smartwatch was designed for consumers who want a more fashionable, traditional look in their watch, but also one that displays the real-time alerts offered by thousands of lifestyle apps available in the App Store and Google Play Store. The watch offers convenience features and soon will give you “Smart Notifications”, a combination of alert filters, customized vibration capabilities, notification recall and history review, so you can know what’s happening on your smartphone without even looking at your phone or watch.

Wait for it…I have amazing news for all of you! Martian has teamed up with me to offer you a Martian Passport Smartwatch with a black wristband worth $300 for a very lucky reader. Can you believe it?

It is super easy to set up but be careful for the notifications. While I was setting mine up with my email, Facebook, Twitter and text it nearly scared the sh*t out of me. Trust me – it notifies. Also, was funny to hear my friend on the other end of my watch. Batwoman over here.

I also love the snarky top 10 list Martian created for reasons why you need a smart watch! Maybe we need to pair up more often besides via Bluetooth. These made me giggle but check them out.

Top 10 reasons to use a Martian Smart Watch

SNARKY – love these!

Have any to add to the list?

I wonder if I say “B” in mine if boyfriend will show up? Hmmm….. I should try. Who am I kidding? Who needs a guy to carry my bags when I have this bad boy on my wrist? I can carry my own bags and answer my phone on my wrist without dealing with another idiot.

If you say “S” in here it will create a list of snark for you to use…it won’t but it should!

Now, you know what to do! GOOD LUCK  – also remember this would make a kick ass gift as the time is ticking away for the holiday season. 

Win Martian Smart Watch worth $300
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**Stay snarky my friends!**

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296 Responses to Win $300 Martian Passport Smartwatch You Can Talk & Listen On

  1. cookie McPherson October 15, 2014 at 5:37 am #

    I would use it to record things I need to remember. For shopping. ..doctors appointments etx. Would love to win this!!

  2. Louise Rowe October 15, 2014 at 6:12 am #

    Always trying to do for everyone else, so this would be a great Christmas present for myself lol!

  3. Jake B October 15, 2014 at 7:59 am #

    I would use this to record epic moments in life or daily lists. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome watch.

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