Tinder for Shoes? Shoe Swipe

Tinder for Shoes? Shoe Swipe

Tinder for Shoes? Shoe Swipe

We all know that I have been on Tinder a time or 100 and for some reason no matter how many not so great guys I have met on there, I go back for more. It is addicting. Like gambling, but I am ready to get lucky….get your mind out of the gutter.

It is so fun showing people Tinder and how easy it is to just x out someone’s face like yelling “NEXT” at the top of your lungs via your phone. The key to this app is totally the ease of it. We all love images but not a lot of people like to read. So, the app is a prefect combination with big pretty (and not so pretty pics) and very little content. It feeds to our knee jerk reactions of what we are attracted to and what we are really not attracted to. Too bad for me my picker is WAY off but that is a completely different blog post.

So, now what if I told you that there is a new app out there that combines a few of my favorite things in the same way Tinder works? Well, who doesn’t love shopping online and what better item to shop for than shoes???? Shoes don’t care if you gain a pound or two and they definitely won’t show extra poundage.

Let me introduce you to Shoe Swipe. Yep. Easy like Tinder except instead of dating prospects there are 40,000 men’s and women’s shoes from your favorite brands such as Steve by Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dolce Vita, Nike, Adidas and many more. Sounds awesome, right? See a large image of a shoe you like, swipe right, and shoes you have liked are added to your favorites and can be purchased. Keep playing to see more shoes or if you see a pair you hate – swipe left and never see them again. That’s it.


tinder for shoes

All you favs are saved – now, deciding which you will buy is the best part!

The two best parts of this app are:

1. You have a large image versus a tiny pic that are difficult to see and require clicking back and forth to view items. No clicking back and forth is key. I hate that when shopping on my phone.

2. It is free in the Apple App Store and Google Play (Android). So, all of you people getting that new iPhone – it will work there and it is free! (plus, you can enter to win a new iPhone 6 case right here).


tinder for shoes

It is that easy!

But, be forewarned of the addictive nature and when you end up with a need for a brand new closet to house all your new shit kickers – don’t say, I didn’t warn you. But, if that happens – I wear an 8.5 and LOVE shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Go try it out and LMK what you think?

I love gifts. Especially shoozies. Happy shoe swiping! Pick your phone below and get to Shoes Swiping!



**Stay snarky my friends!**

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