Look Both Ways Before Taking Selfies In Bathrooms

Look Both Ways Before Taking Selfies In Bathrooms:

Last week I attended a holiday party and a girl stopped me as I was washing my hands after using the facilities. She asked if I could take a photo of her in the bathroom. We were at the W Hotel in Scottsdale with a plethora of places to capture her impromptu photo shoot in her dress or shirt (wasn’t quite sure which one) but sure the bathroom works. Why not? So, I took more than a few pictures of her like a seasoned blogger does, holding the phone above my eyes with the mandatory downward angle ensuring maximum flattering… Continue Reading

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NFL Fall Fashion Picks: Cheering The Cardinals To The Playoffs

I am a fan of a lot of things but some of my most passionate fanaticisms come in the form of favorite sporting teams and fashion! Sports and fashion go together for me like peanut butter & jelly, snarky & Melanysguydlines and Teddy Brewski & Melany Berger, and…well, you get it. I am a sporty chick, but just because I can throw and catch a ball better than most men, does not mean I don’t know how to dress for a sporting event. Trust me. There is a right and wrong way to dress for a football game and you… Continue Reading

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Fashions Finest: Win $600 Full Online Tuition From Teen Vogue/Parsons

Fashions Finest: Win $600 Tuition From Teen Vogue/Parsons School

You know I only work with the BEST brands and bring you amazing giveaways, right? Well, this giveaway may just be the most amazing one yet. It is certainly the most stylish and fierce. I am so excited to share this opportunity for anyone and everyone who loves fashion (you know I do). Fresh off the presses and drum roll please: Teen Vogue and Parsons School of Design at The New School announced today a new online fashion education program designed to help millennials launch or transition into a career in fashion. Titled ‘Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials,’ the program’s… Continue Reading

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Tinder for Shoes? Shoe Swipe

We all know that I have been on Tinder a time or 100 and for some reason no matter how many not so great guys I have met on there, I go back for more. It is addicting. Like gambling, but I am ready to get lucky….get your mind out of the gutter. I am ready to get lucky….get your mind out of the gutter. Click To Tweet It is so fun showing people Tinder and how easy it is to just x out someone’s face like yelling “NEXT” at… Continue Reading

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