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As most of you know, my heart pumps to the beat of music and I bleed rock n roll! My background is rock music and I have been blessed to work with some very cool (and some not so cool) bands along the way. I know you enjoy reading about my trials and tribulations working in music business and I can tell you that there are a lot more blog posts about past music experiences to follow.

But, one of the coolest parts about this blogging journey is that new and amazing opportunities present themselves each and every day. Some of you have been with me from the very first post, “This is so much more complicated than I thought” and have watched me develop, mis-step (still can’t believe how much shit I got for that Foo Fighter post-get over it), get hacked, and improve. Now, melanysguydlines is getting exclusive nuggets of fantastical information just for you! Trust me – I will only post this stuff if I think it is snark worthy and good!

Monster Energy only sponsors kick ass concerts and I always know they get behind great talent. So, when I got the email regarding the tour – I thought it was worth a look.  The Monster tour has expanded and now does a college installment, which is cool and gives younger bands the opportunity to open for larger talent. I am all for that. Also, due to high demand these shows feature more than just rock music. There is hip-hop, rock and a college DJ contest (dope). You can see some of these smaller bands open for your new favs. Small venues are where I have seen some of the best talent ever. Don’t poo-poo the college folk circuit. I bet you the next best DJ will come out of this tour. Also, you sound really cool when you watch a baby band hit it big and say, “I saw that band in a venue as big as my garage” and be telling the truth. Trust me it is very cool.

UofA is not on here - may have to get on that!

UofA is not on here – may have to get on that! You know what Wildcats think of those Devils – that is a different post!

Here you go (for our Northern and Southern California faithful readers.)

Monster Energy, Live Nation, Campus DJ & Idol Roc Entertainment have revamped their Outbreak College Tour schedule to accommodate growing demand & they are hitting California for their last 4 dates featuring Wale, Ab-Soul, Wolfgang Gartner, Youngblood Hawke & more!

Thursday, May 16th- Cal State Davis
Featuring: Wolfgang Gartner & dallasK

Saturday, May 18th – San Jose State University
Featuring: Youngblood Hawke

Saturday, May 25th – Cal State East Bay
Featuring: Wale, Ab-Soul, & Jhene Aiko

Thursday, June 20th – Campus DJ National Finale
Featuring: Surprise Headliner & Campus DJ winners

Each date of the Outbreak College Tour also feature winners of Campus DJ- the first and only competition fueled by the hottest college DJ’s in the country.  Check out highlights from the show in Austin featuring Carnage here –

How cool is that? You going? I will be at the Avalon in LA for sure. Maybe I should throw my hat in the ring and try to spin some vinyl. I definitely will not try to sing – EVER! You will thank me for that.

Rock on! See you there!

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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