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You know how much loves giving away free stuff! So, here is another opportunity for you! I am so excited to have been asked to promote the one- year anniversary Stir Events by contest “What stirs you? Create a Summer Singles Event and Win” opportunity! Wow – that is a long title, but do you know what that means? It means that you have the chance to celebrate Stir’s successful singles events by entering to win the prospect of being an event planner for the day and create the most amazing singles event for eligible men and women in your area.

These events have become wildly successful in over 80 cities across America in just a one-year period. Stir is’s answer to offline events offered to members around the country. These events afford you the opportunity to step away from your computer and online dating and actually meet other singles in your area. Stir creates events ranging from large-scale happy hours at the most popular venues in your cities to more intimate events like Tequila tastings (I love my tequila) and even learning how to spin vinyl and become a DJ.  How cool is that? I am always down to spin some records. How about you? If that is not your cup of tea, Stir and has created diverse events customized for each city depending on your age. There is something for everyone.

The stats are astounding. In just a short year has hosted over 2,850 events. Do you know those numbers break down to? That is 14 events each day, 75 events a week, and 320 events per month! I don’t have enough outfits for all of those events but this gives me another reason to go shopping (as if I needed another reason). Over 225,000 singles have attended a Stir event to date. Are you going to be the next single to attend a event?

Well, I can do you one better than just attending one of these events. How about the opportunity to create you very own Stir event? Well, is giving you the opportunity to work with Match Stir event planners and bring that to life?

Visit the “What Stirs you?” contest page here!

Enter between Tuesday May 14 – Saturday May 28, 2013 and tell what you think would make your perfect singles event to be entered to win. Entries are judged on quality, creativity, uniqueness and relevance so enter something good! Be snarky MG fans!

You will win a chance to re-create your idea and an invitation for you and 10 of your single friends to make your idea a reality with NO charge. If that is not enough, you will also receive a 6-month subscription! If you even need that because you may throw such a kickass events that you have all the eligible singles falling all over you.

Ready – GO!

Win so you can invite MOI!

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**Stay snarky my friends!**

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