The “Blondetourage” welcomes the Dark Side -Emily S.

There is more exciting news for this week! Not only were we chosen to be a part of Blogads Network; home to Perez Hilton, Lamebook, Dlisted, and Popoholic but we have added a new blogger. What makes our new blogger, Emily S. different from the rest? She is a brunette (but we won’t hold that against her because blondes totally have more fun) and she is a Los Angeles native. She brings us some juicy dirt on growing up in the entertainment business – the good, the bad, and the plain weird. We got along from the start as she is a huge music lover, and we all know SO AM I. The music business is small and we are all family-rock on with our dio horns in the air! The Melanysguydlines team welcomes Emily S. to our rock star, snarky home.

Here is Emily S. in her own words –

It is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. That is my motto and I’m sticking to it.

I am a like totally pepped up valley girl from Los Angeles who spent a few years chillin out in San Diego before I studied abroad in Barcelona and soon after graduated with a degree in communications (yes it’s a real thing). I’ve always known that music, celebrities and entertainment would be my career goal in life and I was not prepared to settle for anything less. After graduating I searched and searched for a job, using all my connections until I realized that someone wasn’t going to actually hand me a job on a silver platter.. wait, what? Yeah. So I decided to use my talents and find the right place for me in the entertainment world.

Emily S.  - brunette

Emily S. – Dark Side aka MG’s brunette rep.

Someone once told me; “if you’re good at something, never do it for free” (ok, I may have heard that from Heath Ledger as the Joker in “Dark Knight” – but nonetheless, a poignant remark). I have experienced so much in my short 24 years of living that I could write an encyclopedia, so that’s what I started to do. My quirky vernacular and unique personality, mixed with popular demand by friends and acquaintances, resulted in me creating a blog of my own. I took a moment to stop talking about myself and began to write it all down. Eventually I found the job that would be perfect for me; blogging, tweeting, and doing major social media for a snarky, bad ass blog.. um check please! After going through our list of mutual friends, love for the music industry and the Arizona wildcats, I joined the Melany’s Guydlines team and found my place in the sun!

Wherever I go and whatever I do as I make my way to the top, there will always be one more goal in the back of my mind.. becoming a social media tycoon and getting that baby blue star in the sky. You know you’ve really made it when you get verified on twitter, and one day I will get my little blue check mark in the twitter sky. @eazyEtweets

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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