Look Both Ways Before Taking Selfies In Bathrooms

Look Both Ways Before Taking Selfies In Bathrooms:

Last week I attended a holiday party and a girl stopped me as I was washing my hands after using the facilities. She asked if I could take a photo of her in the bathroom. We were at the W Hotel in Scottsdale with a plethora of places to capture her impromptu photo shoot in her dress or shirt (wasn’t quite sure which one) but sure the bathroom works. Why not? So, I took more than a few pictures of her like a seasoned blogger does, holding the phone above my eyes with the mandatory downward angle ensuring maximum flattering… Continue Reading

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Almost Insta-Famous: Behind The Scenes With My Dog Teddy Brewski

Almost Insta-Famous: Behind The Scenes With My Dog Teddy Brewski

Happy after Thanksgiving week! WOW! It has been insane over here! What about for you? I wanted to post this video last week but life happened. You might have seen it on social media but if not, here it is. I luckily have the rights to the cutest video on the Internet right now (IMO). Are you ready for a daily dose of cuteness with my main man Teddy Brewski? Here you go! I am totally calling this video “Almost Insta-Famous: Behind The Scenes With My Dog Teddy Brewski” and we want you to enjoy it as much as we… Continue Reading

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Instagram Giveaways Galore: iPhones, Cameras, Makeup and More

Instagram Giveaways Galore: iPhone, Camera, Makeup and More

If you have not checked out my Instagram, you should! One –I am snarky. Two – I post fun pictures of my dog. (He has his own IG too if you want to just follow Teddy Brewski. I won’t be jealous. Well, maybe a little). Three – I am doing giveaways every few days through the beginning of December and you will want these items. Trust me! Can you say iPhones, cameras and makeup galore? Currently, I have this one live: WORLDWIDE GIFTS FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS! I’ve teamed up with some of our favorite Bloggers and Youtubers to… Continue Reading

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Top 9 Snarky Tweets, Social Media Funnies & Guydline “Get Lucky” # 69

Funny and snarky

Time flies! Welcome to Guydline post #69 -lets hope this is a lucky number for us all!  Seriously, it feels like I just pulled into Scottsdale, Arizona and I am leaving tomorrow to drive back to LA. These past 5 days flew by but not to worry because I will be back soon-really soon. I am going to change things up a little and get rid of all that trash I told you all about in my B-day post. Happy to share that I am keeping my Birthday present to myself and it will be the BEST present ever. Since… Continue Reading

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