Branding Advice All Bloggers Need

Branding advice for bloggers is something I discuss frequently and agree with Laura’s post and points discussed here about the topic! Take notes. Thanks Laura. 

If you’re trying to be successful as a blogger, you have to treat your blog like a business. And like any business, it’s important for your blog to have a brand. When you have a brand, you can market yourself and your blog better. But as many blog owners aren’t coming from a position of being a business person or entrepreneur, they might not have a lot of experience with branding. Branding your blog is actually not too difficult, but you do need to work on developing your brand and applying it consistently. Get started on branding your blog with the tips in this brand.

Branding Advice All Bloggers Need

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Consider “Who” Your Brand Is

If you want to brand your blog, you first need to have a brand. Some bloggers find it easy to come up with a brand, while others find it a bit more difficult. It can be simple because for a lot of bloggers, they are their brand and their brand is them. They can easily make decisions about their branding based on what they like and don’t like, without really setting out any solid rules. But even when your blog is tied to a personal brand, it’s worth thinking about how to define that brand. Your brand isn’t necessarily just you and your personality. It’s important to define things like style and values.

When you’re thinking about who and what your brand is, you need to think about its purpose. What are you trying to do with your brand and your blog? Who are you trying to reach? If you want to connect with other brands, and not just appeal to a casual audience, you need to think about your brand in commercial terms. What sort of brands do you want to connect with, and what are they looking for? Even if you don’t want to work with any other brands, you need to think about your message and the audience you want to attract.

Develop a Brand Tone of Voice

Once you’ve started to define your brand, you need to think more about the specifics of it. For example, your brand’s tone of voice is one important aspect to think about. You might just think that your brand’s tone of voice is just you. But even you are capable of using several different tones in your writing, whether you want to be more casual, formal, fun, or serious. Plus, in the future, you might want to have other people write content for your blog or social media pages. You will need to give them a guide on the tone they should use. Thinking about the tone you want to use will also help you to stay consistent.

Create Unique Graphics for Your Brand

Making your blog more visual is important if you want it to eye-catching and exciting. Even if you write long and text-heavy posts, you often need some visual elements to help break up the text and keep people interested. Creating good graphics is often a sticking point for bloggers. They don’t have any graphic design skills and they either attempt to make images anyway, leave them out, or pay someone else to do it. Another option is to find an easy tool to make the graphics you need, without having to have any of the design skills. You can use something like Adobe Spark, which allows you to make backdrops for your website and other types of graphics. You just have to get the right size and choose the colors and elements that you want.

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Think Strong and Memorable

When you’re thinking about the different elements of your brand, think about coming across strongly and making an impression. You want to use memorable images and words that will stick around in people’s minds. For example, to start with the basics, your blog’s name needs to be punchy and unique. You might just use your name, especially if it’s unique and easy to build a brand around. For example, Tallulah Pinkerton will have an easier time using her name for branding than Jane Smith will. Try to keep your name short, and if you want to expand, you can think of a tagline. Two or three words maximum is often enough for a name or title for your blog. Keep the same things in mind when you create a logo or banner for your blog. You want the name or perhaps a motif to stand out and not get lost in fussy graphics.

Make Sure Your Brand is Consistent

Keeping your brand consistent is essential for any blogger, particularly if you also want to be a social media influencer. If you tie your blog to your social media accounts, you also need to keep your brand consistent across your social activity too. Staying consistent might seem easy if it’s just you running your blog. But you can soon find that you’re doing something slightly differently each time you publish a post. Even if it’s a small thing, like whether you choose to use the Oxford comma, it can be obvious to those with a keen eye. If you let little things slip, perhaps you’re not being as consistent with bigger things as you think. Creating guidelines for your brand, even if they’re just for your reference, will help you to maintain consistency.

Experiment Before Committing

Before you commit to everything about your brand, don’t be afraid to try out a few different things to see what works. There are some things that aren’t particularly suited to experimentation, like the name or focus of your blog. But there are other elements you can play around with, like the length of your posts or the frequency and positioning of images throughout your posts. Some moves might be more successful or simply feel right to you when you compare them with others. Just don’t go crazy with making changes or your blog will appear not to have any consistency.

If you’re a blogger and perhaps a social media influencer too, you can’t ignore branding. It will help your blog stand out and look more professional.

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