Win Total $325 from Tego Audio: Wireless Speaker + Power Grid for 3 Winners

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend and the official kick off to summer 2014! I am not sure if my last trip out of town fried my brain from staring at slot machines too long but I thought we still had one more week until my fav BBQ weekend. Well, we don’t and it is here. I better go get my chicken from Costco before they run out.

Seriously, I literally just got back from Las Vegas and am leaving my clean clothes and accessories in my suitcase since I will be right back on a plane to rock out to Guns N’ Roses in sin city for my 30ish-ish b’day. I can’t wait. This trip was fun but I am really looking forward to hearing some rock for my b’day. I deserve it. I am even going to dial it back to the 1980’s and see Firehouse while I am in Las Vegas. (Points if you can name 2 Firehouse songs).

You all know how much I love my rock and it is essential that I have my music blasting to get anything done. I need speakers and because I travel every other week – I need a speaker that sounds great and is portable so that I don’t have to pay the stupid overweight bag charge at the airport. BTW – that shit is rigged! One of the checkers stepped on my scale and tried to charge me an extra $100 bucks! I was like -Umm hello? I see your foot on the scale dude. He laughed and I smirked and tipped him the $2 bucks anyway because I wanted to make sure that my clothes, purse, accessories, and speakers didn’t end up in Japan. That happened once. Another blog post.

My latest discovery in the audio department for portable, great sounding speakers is Tego Audio. Tego Audio not only has wireless speakers but they have the coolest looking charger grid (looks like a Lego). I wonder if that is how they got their name – Tego? Tego sounds like Lego. Ok – sorry, I told you I was just in Vegas.

Here comes the good part. I am doing another giveaway! BACK TO BACK BABY! I love introducing my snarky readers to products and new items that I discover along the way so we are pairing up with Tego Audio to give you a chance to win a Tego Audio Cera Wireless Speaker AND a Tego Power Grid. This way you will never be without a fully charged speaker, Iphone, Ipad, I – or E whatever you have! You also will never have an excuse to miss a blog post on MelanysGuydlines! I will be keeping track.

This giveaway is cool because we will have a total of 3 winners, each winning a set of 1 speaker AND 1 power grid. The total giveaway for all 3 winners is grand total $325.

Tego audio

A little more about Tego Audio Cera because I know you want to know. The sound quality sets the Tego Audio Cera apart from its competitors, it’s loud (necessary) and crisp sound fills any room in all directions because of the 360° shape of the speaker. It is super easy to connect via Bluetooth 3.0 Technology and the added bonus is that the sound reaches a maximum range of 33 feet away from the actual speaker!! This means I can have my music blasting in the bathroom and still hear it while working at my desk. Plus, you can daisy chain nearly unlimited Cera’s together for simultaneous play back. There is also a rechargeable 7-hour battery life. This may be enough for one Pink Floyd album or Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, set on repeat, like 100 times.

No matter how long the battery life is of anything I use, I always run out of juice, whether it is my iPhone, iPad, or other devices. They always seem to die, and I can never seem to find an outlet to charge them in, until recently….

Introducing, the Tego Power Grid (super Lego stylin’)…A sleek and stylish, high quality battery back, small enough to fit in to a purse (even a clutch) or pocket, that packs enough of a punch to charge not one but two mobile devices simultaneously.

Tego Power Grid

Tego or Lego

** Tego Audio Cera and Tego Power Grid come in super fun colors but we are giving away the black because everyone looks better in black. You know, it makes you look skinnier, smaller, and uhhhh…… portable.

I know you need and want this prize bundle. You know the drill! Good luck and rock on! Be safe this weekend and use UBER!

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**Stay snarky my friends!**

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117 Responses to Win Total $325 from Tego Audio: Wireless Speaker + Power Grid for 3 Winners

  1. amanda whiltey June 5, 2014 at 6:44 am #

    the most important thing is sound quality and i like a speaker that has a loud volume.

  2. Geoff K June 5, 2014 at 7:42 am #

    My favorite band is Elbow, and I love a good, clear, non-distorted sound that’s not overwhelmed by bass.

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