Twitter Follower Appreciation pt. 2 : 5,000!

OK kids, as promised it’s time to throw a bone to the best friends a blog could ask for — our snarky Twitter followers!  Last month we put together a little thank you once we reached the 3,000 benchmark.  This time, you’ve stepped it up a notch with your love & loyalty, so we’ll reciprocate.  In 2013, so it’s only polite to throw heaps of praise at individuals we’ll never meet.  Did I develop crushes on some of you while I scoured your accounts for funny tweets? It’s possible….

Without further ado, our Melany’s Guydlines Twitter showcase, round 2.

Five Followers That Crack Us Up

maaaaaax @0fficialTw4t

Jess the Mess @juicedds

Mattie @Mattiehearts2

Krissy @krissyerased

Sonia Blade @soniaritaaa


Followers With Top Notch Handles

Arrogant Twat @arrogant_twat
– twat is just a funny word, I can’t help it

Sugar Tits @bitchymctits
– I haven’t been to McDonald’s in years, but McTits sound like the prize in some sort of wonderful adult Happy Meal

Ephie Taylor @goodballs
– From a male perspective, I can’t think of anything that would make balls “good”. Atrocious looking chandeliers of pain.

Whiskey River @69scootertrash
– Having lived in places where the DUI Mopeds accounted for about half the traffic, this handle conjures grizzly mental images of hillbilly sex acts. Why is this on here again?

Bourby McBourbon @bourbonmelikey
– mmmmm. Me too.

Realredlobster @realredlobster
– The thought of a fake Red Lobster is giving my colon chills

And introducing….

Our Favorite Suggested Twitter Accounts

(that we probably won’t follow)

Beggin’ Strips @beggin
– Me thinks MGL First Puppy Teddy Brewski has been using our Twitter account…

Kim Kardashian’s Toe @KimKardashsToe
– This little piggy doesn’t give a shit

About 4 different accounts claiming to be Harry Styles
– I didn’t have a clue who this dude was until I googled him 10 minutes ago. Is this what getting old feels like?

3D TV Central @3dtvcentral
– Has the 3D TV phase not died out yet? Marijuana – keeping bad ideas afloat since the dawn of man.

and of course…

Followers We Love For Their Support & Snark!









 Follow the Whole Melany’s Guydlines Team!

Melany @Melanyb12

Matt @SonOfHilljack

Libby @Schlibby

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