Holy zzysh®: Don’t Waste a Sip Of Wine Or Champagne Again

Holy Zzysh: Don't Waste a Sip Of Wine Or Champagne Again

This post discusses a very important topic: indulging in alcoholic beverages of the champagne and wine nature over and over again with out wasting a sip. We all deserve a glass of wine or champagne once in a while, right? For some of us, that is more often than others. For me, I am a Prosecco drinker! I love it. It is light and refreshing which is mandatory while living in the Arizona desert. It is sweet but not too sweet. I don’t like anything or anyone too sweet. I don’t trust them and neither should you. But, back to… Continue Reading

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You Had Me At Wine In Paradise: Red Stitch Wine Event At Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain

Red Stitch Wine Event & Chef Beau Macmillian at the Sanctuary Camelback Hotel

This post is easy to write. The only part that would make it better is if I could do these things all over again. Do you think we could rewind the clock back a week or so just for me? Please? I have been a good girl! If I can’t do that then I will settle for sharing my must see, must eat, must drink and must travel things with you…well, that YOU MUST DO ASAP! Travel to Scottsdale Arizona and stay at the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. I received a press release about a Red Stitch wine event at… Continue Reading

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41 Things Before The Alarm Rings

I am up but the rest of my body is sleeping. You know when you get up and you should go back to bed but you don’t because you have 41 things on your mind for the day? Yeah – that’s me every day! I never said these things were important to everyone – don’t judge, or do, because we all do. This was written at 6:00AM so here is a little peak into my early morning mind for the day….. 1. Get up before the dog. If Teddy Brewski hears me walking around before 7AM I will never get… Continue Reading

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