You Had Me At Wine In Paradise: Red Stitch Wine Event At Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain

This post is easy to write. The only part that would make it better is if I could do these things all over again. Do you think we could rewind the clock back a week or so just for me? Please? I have been a good girl! If I can’t do that then I will settle for sharing my must see, must eat, must drink and must travel things with you…well, that YOU MUST DO ASAP!

Travel to Scottsdale Arizona and stay at the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. I received a press release about a Red Stitch wine event at the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale Arizona, I knew I had to go. This event had everything I love. Beautiful location, wine tasting, delicious food and San Francisco Giants Baseball! Since relocating to the desert, I have heard amazing reviews about the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain and I needed to check it out for myself. They are all true but you need to go see it with your own two eyes to truly feel the beauty. I hear they are hosting Thanksgiving so it is not too late to travel to the desert and enjoy the property yourself.

Camelback Sanctuary - Praying Monk Mountain


To get around the hotel they drive you in golf carts which is good because I was wearing 6 inch Dior heels and I have been known to fall a time or two (and this is before imbibing wine).

Red Stitch Wine Event at Sanctuary on Camelback

Golf Cart please!

My room was not just a room, it was a casita with the most stunning views of Praying Monk Mountain. My guest and I were treated like royalty and may actually go back tonight (I can’t but would love to). We all want to be ROYALS except if you are a GIANT, right? Well, that was the cherry on top of the entire evening.

You Had Me At Wine In Paradise: Red Stitch Wine Event At The Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain


If the accommodations were not enough, former MLB star players Rich Aurilia (SF GIANTS) and Dave Roberts, who founded Red Stitch Winery, hosted a festive wine dinner. Both former ball players were extremely personable and I felt like I was in their living room chatting with old friends about San Francisco and the World Series Champs -The SF Giants. Maybe I should have left out the part that I grew up watching Rich Aurilia play because he told me I made him feel old. OOPS. But, either way we were able to hang out and hear all about the new venture between these former ball players. Can you guess how they got the name Red Stitch? Well, what color is the stitch on a baseball? There you go! You could feel the love and passion both of the men had for their wine as I sipped more and more and more….and more.


Chef Beau Macmillian from The Sancturary at Camelback Mountain

The dinner took place in a private dining room overlooking Praying Monk Mountain. Executive Chef Beau MacMillan presented a three-course dinner featuring Seared Scallops (I need the recipe for his sauce), Beef Wellington, and a Chocolate Confections Trio. Maybe you recognize him from the Food Network? Well, he was hysterical and his food was so good I licked my plate and they gave me a discount because they didn’t need to wash it. Joking.

You know it is a rare occasion for me to talk about food on this blog –but I just did! This is the first dessert I have eaten since moving to Scottsdale but it was well worth it (plus the salty crunch topping the chocolate mousse tasted like Lays potato chips).

Red Stitch Wine Event & Chef Beau Macmillian at the Sanctuary Camelback Hotel


Each course was paired with red or white Red Stitch wine. We even got to try an unreleased bottle which was pretty good though that one will not be available for a while because they want it to age. All the wines got better and better with each pour and I got happier and happier. Red Stitch Winery is located in Napa Valley (thankfully I am from NorCal so I will need to make a stop when back in town for the Niners game over Thanksgiving – who is with me?)

The evening went way too fast and I would do it over again in a heartbeat.

Red Stitch Wine Event & Chef Beau Macmillian at the Sanctuary Camelback Hotel

Look Mom! Double fisted Red Stitch Wine

But, I do have to admit that I have never been more excited to see a man driving a golf cart as I was that night. He picked us up and took us home along with my feet in the Dior’s who were equally as happy to see the golf cart as I was.

If you are looking for some great date ideas, a vacation or way to spend your holidays – take note! I hear the Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain hosts an amazing Thanskgiving getaway and I could make myself available if you needed someone to join you.

Plus, don’t forget when you are looking for a new wine to try grab some Red Stitch and share with friends. CHEERS! 

PS – Look what I found? Rich Aurilia Giants bobble head! Wonder if he has one of these? HA! That is what I looked like after drinking a few bottles of Red Stitch.

Rich Aurilia Bobble Head - Red Stitch Wine Event

I was bobbling after some Red Stitch wine too!


**Stay snarky my friends!**

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  1. Joan Ryan November 16, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

    Melanysguydlines, I am going to Scottsdale in a few weeks and loved your article. I will go there for lunch or dinner. You really sold me on this one. I didn’t know about this restaurant before. I already have reservations elsewhere but the Sanctuary sounds like a place I will stay in the future. Thank you.

    • Melany November 17, 2014 at 3:59 pm #

      You are going to love it! LMK and safe travels.

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