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Harvey’s Hungry: Lending A Helping Hand And Feeding Over 10,000 People

Harvey’s Hungry: Lending A Hand And Feeding Over 10,000 People

This post is a follow up to my first blog about Hurricane Harvey and the relief efforts to feed the hungry on the front lines in Houston. Jeff and Sheryl Weinstock of Cake & Bacon have been silent heroes in their quest to feed as many people as possible. I asked Jeff to give me a breakdown of what has happened since the hurricane hit and think it best he tell you what his team accomplished the past weekend serving over 10 thousand people. This is an incredible story and so happy to have been able to take a little… Continue Reading

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Puppies Make Me Happy: I’m Wearing The Happiest Clothes On Earth

Seriously! I am wearing the happiest clothes on earth. Can you say puppies, the softest fabric ever, and giving back to pups of all breeds? Let me introduce you to Puppies Make Me Happy because they are truly the happiest clothes on earth and I love them. This is not a sponsored post, this is a post because this brands rocks. I was introduced to the clothing company at Teddy Brewski’s salon in Scottsdale, Arizona called Oh My Dog! Boutique and bought a rocker dog shirt that was a variation of “Howl At the Moon” puppy style. Bonus points if… Continue Reading

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Give Dogs A Voice When They Can’t Speak For Themselves: Stop The Yulin Dog Meat Festival And Slaughter of Dogs in Asia

Give Dogs A Voice When They Can’t Speak For Themselves: Stop The Yulin Dog Meat Festival And The Slaughter of Dogs in Asia

I just received this PSA and I thought it was so important to share with all of you. Please share to spread the word and be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. These images from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival are horrifying but if sharing this torture can help in any way than it needs to be seen! Please help stop the violence! Stop the Torture. STOP! I don’t normally do this but this is too important and I must share. I am on my way to Blogpaws this week and thought this needed to be shared… Continue Reading

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

This is because I care. Well, we all already know that I love my dog. Dogs rock. They are the best for so many reasons. I mean, Teddy Brewski already has more followers than most people. Plus, my dog in the Bay Area is a rescue and she is the sweetest ever. Her name is Gizmo and she knows we saved her life because we did. Rescues make amazing best friends and there are so many dogs out there that need a loving home! This is because I love dogs and want to help shelter dogs find forever homes. #adoptashelterdogmonth… Continue Reading

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