Make Your Eyes Pop With These Beauty Tips

Make Your Eyes Pop With These Beauty Tips

Happy Sunday! I am off to LA for the week and hoping to use some of these makeup tricks tonight on my big brown eyes! Mom and I are going out on the town in Beverly Hills for the Golden Globes and will take a lot of pics for your viewing pleasure. If you know me, you know I love my eye makeup and this post from Laura is awesome….as usual. It’s no secret that getting eye makeup right is no easy task, at least, I don’t think so anyway. Eye makeup – eyeshadow, mascara and liner, can sometimes feel… Continue Reading

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Must Have Lotion For Fall: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Spray

Must Have Lotion For Fall: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Spray

Wow. That went fast. I blinked and summer is over. Sad face. I love the sun but the sun doesn’t love my skin that much. Since relocating part time to Arizona I have visited the dermatologist more than I would like but it makes me even more neurotic about caring for my skin! One of the reasons I moved to AZ is to take advantage of being outside as much as possible. Of course, this doesn’t apply when it is 115 degrees outside and hard to breathe while standing in the desert. Right now, we are having amazing weather and… Continue Reading

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Summer Beauty Products, Accessories & More To Make You Sizzle

Summer products that sizzle

It is so hot in Arizona that I think I may be melting. But, I need a tan. There are a few problems with that statement. One you melt when you lay out in the Arizona sun and two, the risk of skin cancer. When I lived in Los Angeles, I never had an issue but as soon as I returned to Arizona I went for a yearly check up and had a few questionable beauty spots on my skin. So, I have been super cautious and always apply sunscreen. I was given a few lotions from Safe Harbor to… Continue Reading

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Tips To Feel Your Best During Allergy Season: What’s In My Bag?

I woke up like this with a little help from Zyrtec.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®. You know that feeling. You wake up looking like the bottom of your shoe or a UFC fighter that was on the losing side of the Octagon. I know there are all these people sporting these shirts that say “ I Woke Up Like This” but they didn’t. Please. We all need a little help once in a while and by news feed, I know I am not the only one who suffers from ALLERGY FACE®. You know that look? Watery eyes and a stuffy, red nose are… Continue Reading

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Spring Beauty Essentials: evian® Facial Spray & Giveaway

Spring Beauty Essentials: evian® Facial Spray & Giveaway

My travel schedule is insane the next month! They are all good things though. I am off to Las Vegas for the Pac 12 Tourney, then San Diego for Social Media Marketing World and then to New York for the Shorty Awards (fingers crossed because I am a finalist in blogger). With all this travel, my poor skin takes a beating. I mean really. So, I found this little trick a while back and it is called evian® Facial Spray. It is a little bottle so it fits in my purse and when I look a little less than snarky,… Continue Reading

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