Include Pampering In Your Getting Ready Routine

This guest post from Laura is speaking to me right now! I just got back from Sedona, Arizona for a little R&R and I want to go back! It was not long enough and I realized being there that I was way overdue for “me time” and I need to do “me time” much more often! Relaxation is the key to everything in our lives. So, remember to make time for yourselves and enjoy life. It is too short! 

Over to Laura….

We all have pretty hectic lives these days. Sometimes it feels like work gets on top of us and becomes just too much. I know it certainly feels that way for me sometimes! The more stressed we become, the more important it is to ensure we spend some time on ourselves. Relaxation is key! But how are you meant to find time to pamper yourself when you’re juggling a busy working life with a busy social life? Even if you need to get ready for a hot date, there are many ways to tie in a bit of pampering. Want to know how I manage it? Here’s my getting ready plan I always stick to.

Include Pampering In Your Getting Ready Routine


  • Getting some shut eye is key!

I know you probably have a chockablock day already, but getting some sleep before getting ready is really important. If you do you’ll feel better prepared for the evening ahead and won’t run the risk of falling asleep on your date! Don’t worry though – you don’t need to nap for too long. You can take a quick power nap. Power naps only have to be 15 minutes long, so you have no excuse no matter how busy you are! Once your batteries are fully recharged, it’s time to start getting ready!

  • Indulge in a face mask

Whenever I need a quick pick me up I always put on a face mask. One of the best things about them is you can wear them while carrying out your usual chores. Meaning you don’t need to waste time when you have one on! I often spend time cooking while wearing a deep cleansing face mask – unless my date is taking me out to be wined and dined that is! Even if you wear glasses, you can still do things while wearing a face mask thanks to contact lenses! I always wear mine with my disposable contact lens for astigmatism. If you have plenty of time though, there’s nothing better than taking a long soak in the bath of aromatherapy bubbles with your favourite face mask! You’ll feel super relaxed and your skin will feel super soft as well! Need more tips for great skin? Take a peek at my Ultimate Guide to Perfect Skin!

  • Treat yourself to a manicure

If you have a spare few minutes during your lunch break, you can use them to grab a quick manicure. You’ll often find nail bars in shopping malls, but there are also dedicated beauty parlours in most cities and towns. I love having a new manicure. It always makes me feel super confident and really sexy – the best preparation for a hot date! And during the manicure you’ll have a few quiet minutes to yourself while someone pampers your hands. What could be better?!

Not only are you now dolled up and looking effortlessly beautiful, but you’re also totally chilled out and feeling confident about yourself. Now go out there and enjoy your super hot date night. Knock ‘em dead, girl!

What do you do to pamper yourself?

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