Take a Girly Getaway for Less

This post is speaking to me! Laura, you have done it again. I need another getaway even though I just returned from Sedona, Arizona. The trip wasn’t log enough! Take me back!

But, in the meantime read some travel tips about taking a girly getaway for less!

You’ve earned it. Your friends have too. Your minds have been running a mile a minute and it’s time to unwind. There is a lot to consider when planning a break and it might seem overwhelming at first. But when have I ever let you down? With a few tweaks and a bit of forward planning, you can take a girly break that’s low on cost but high on fun!

Plan Ahead

This is the advice your parents and sensible friends will give you, but it’s popular for a reason. Planning well in advance (we’re talking maybe 12 to 18 months in advance, here) is a reasonable timeframe for a break that involves a few people. By this time, you’ll have saved up and given everyone enough notice to make their plans. More importantly, you can take full advantage of early bird offers! Many hotels and airlines offer discounts for flights booked well in advance. When it gets a bit closer to the date, make sure you take the same advice to get ahead on packing too! Sites like Travel Smith have some good solutions.

Take a Girly Getaway for Less

No Flakey Friends

Be kind but firm. You have to identify who can’t make it or is likely to back out early on, then ask them honestly. There is no faster way for a vacation to become costly than with last minute changes and drop-outs. If someone can’t make it, they needn’t feel left out. Surprise them with some flowers while you’re all away! Lots of florists offer an international service, and Interflora is particularly well know. Or, you can always arrange a fabulous girls’ night for when you return and entertain them with your stories! I’m sure you’ll have behaved…

Insider Tips on Accommodation

You and the girls might be hitting a popular location (Rome, Vegas, you name it). Many accommodation firms now have sites and feeds with their best deals in a specific area. For example, if you’re looking for a skiing break in Canada, then there are sites specifically for Whistler accommodation. Being able to compare prices side by side in the same town or city can be a lifesaver (and a money saver).

Fun for Free

Take a Girly Getaway for Less

There’s a good chance that you’ll spend many of your evenings in the chicest bars, restaurants, and clubs. (If you’re wanting to look your best, be sure to check out our makeup tips.) But pricey evenings make it sensible to go a little easier on the wallet during the day. Wherever your vacation takes you, some of the best views and activities your destination has to offer can be experienced for free! In good weather, walking tours are often free and show you a new city up close and personal. They’ll keep you in shape too. Maybe there’s a famous park or an outdoor exhibition you can crash. Many galleries are free to the public, and sometimes all you’ll really need is a spot to sunbathe. The internet is your friend for double-checking offers. Check out this list of free things to do in New York City and be inspired! You can adapt some suggestions to suit any destination.
Remember – the most important part of the trip is the memories you’ll make together. Stay relaxed, be prepared to compromise, and have fun. Happy travels!

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