One hit wonder- Dummy Wins Rasta Banana

To most of you, Henry Gribbohm, is not a household name.  But this week’s One Hit Wonder spent his entire lifesavings; all $2,600 of it on a game call “Tubs of Fun”.  Gribbohm, was trying to win an X-box Kinect, but what this dummy didn’t realize was that he could have bought about 13 Kinects with his so called life savings.  Now all this poor soul has to show is a banana with dreadlocks that he seems to take better care of than this 2 year old.

I’m trying to figure out what everyone else here is thinking, how does someone spend that much money on a game called Tubbs o’ Fun?

First of all, you were playing a game called “Tubs of Fun”.  On what planet would you ever spend more then 5 dollars on that game?  Just a piece of advice Henry, because I think you need it, but if you only have $2600 saved in the bank and a child, maybe you should be putting that money towards, I don’t know his education or his dinner.  And you had your life savings just lying around in your apartment. Have you ever heard of a bank?  Clearly you haven’t or you would do what most people have been doing for the past two thousand years.  I would actually put $2,600 that you had it lying around in a shoebox in your closet.  I mean, do you even lock the doors or do you just stick it in an envelope saying free money?

Here’s my next problem with this whole story.  How many people have you met that have won an X-box from a carnival game?  If you answered anything other than 0, you might have the same amount of brain cells as Gribbohm.  Isn’t the whole point of carnivals to place bets on which teenage couple will be parents by the end of the night and to vomit from fried Oreos?

But let’s not let Gribbohm’s stupidity overshadow the real hero in this story, that handsome banana with dreadlocks.  I think Gribbohm should have quit while he was ahead and ran off into the sunset with that banana.  Honestly, I think that is 26 hundred well spent.  Even if you’re having the worst day ever, how can you not giggle a little when you see those droopy eyes gazing at you behind a polyester braid?  I just can’t imagine that X-box would have done you any good seeing as your probably can’t read the directions.

This leads me to my final point.  You have a kid.  Where is the mother in all of this. I can’t imagine any women trusting you with a child much less anything after watching your negligence with money.

Let’s just say, if Gribbohm was my financial adviser, I’d be spiraling down faster than Amanda Bynes on a Saturday night.

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