Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2

Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2

Continued from my previous post…..

Did you read it? You should right here.

The next interesting issue from my previous post is about social media influencers turning celebrity. Not like Brad Pitt celeb status but more like a Tila Tequila celeb status. Usually these C-D-listers, so called celebs are so entitled that they are here one day and gone the next. Out faster than onesies for the holidays. In this case, these people are usually managed or have agents like the guy I met a while back and is now feeling “holier than thou” trying to sign “digital” talent. He is the type of person that ends up representing these “newlyish” quasi-celebs and puts their faces next to any and every product that will write them a check. You know? Like anything the A-list celebs wouldn’t be caught dead promoting with their name and likeness? He is also the person trying to take an out of work actor or musician and put a hat on them that says “I am a social media influencer”. Not true. They are what they were. They were a celeb, have name recognition regardless of their current paychecks and can’t all of a sudden become an unrecognizable face that is renamed a social media influencer. Doesn’t work like that.

Whatever business you are in, social media is essential.

It matters. It matters a lot. It will make or break you. Trust me. The advent of the internet has hurt and helped us in so many ways but one thing you can count on is that people are eager to share their opinions and exercise their first amendment rights. This brings the good and the bad. Look at your Facebook feed full of political posts. I don’t agree with all of my friends but it is their right to post whatever they believe is true. This is the same in regards to products, brands, and being a social media influencer. I can say whatever I want even if I don’t like a product. Actually, it is my job to share both the good and the bad. That is honest, creates trust and is essential for being a successful social media influencer.

Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2

I would wear that!

So, people and brands wake up! Your product, customer service and quality matter. Your responsiveness and interaction on social media is essential.

You can’t just have a large number of followers and think that is enough. I see some people that have just a few thousand followers making a huge impact and causing waves on social every single day. Quality still matters. It is still important no matter what you do.

This goes for brands. If you hire an influencer to write a post for you, support said influencer.

Share and retweet. This seems very logical but some brands don’t get that either. If I am working for you (essentially) and a fan first and foremost, share my post. Plain and simple.

Let me also say one thing I learned in one of my music jobs. The internet is infinite and there is room for us all here. If you are a celeb….awesome. I probably won’t follow you unless you are in a band that I love because I really only care about rock n’ roll at the end of the day. But, if you are a social media influencer I will follow you to learn more about my business. If you are working with a product I think I should be working with because I can do it better and more snarky I will definitely follow you.

This is part 2 to this post because even as I type this right now I am thinking about a million more things to say here but I know no one likes to read lengthy posts anymore (me included) and I might have just gotten my point across in these 2 posts with an image with pretty writing over it alone.

To be continued again……in some form but probably not on Snapchat right now as I going to stick with kicking ass on 5 channels rather than sucking on 20 of the newest and latest but probably not greatest channels released every single day (welcome Instagram stories). No offense Snap chatters (is that a word?) at all. Loving the imagery on all of your posts. It’s cool but there is only one of me and way too many social media channels and apps to do it all well.

And…NO. I don’t play pokemon go. I will not play pokemon go….ever.



**Stay snarky my friends!**

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8 Responses to Not All Influencers Are Created Equal: Celebrity vs. Influencer Part 2

  1. ellen August 3, 2016 at 2:24 pm #

    As always interesting and thought provoking. Here is my two cents as a reader of blogs and follower of many companies…. there is such a thing as being on too many platforms. As you said there is only one of you, as is there only one of us (unless we assume many names which some certainly do) At the end of the day, you just don’t have time to do it ALL well, you just can’t unless you are glued to the internet, and you can’t be if you ever want to have a life or experience it.

    Now some like facebook, some like instagram, some like twitter, some Google + and the list goes on and on. The very best folks pick one or two or maybe even three to shine, and those are the social influencers. The rest are scheduled posts, tweets and pretty much robots, and no one likes talking to them.

    You are completely right about the number of followers too.So many will join up and want or beg for follows here there and everywhere. I promise you. most readers dont have time nor the interest to even look much less comment. They gain followers, but they really dont have anyone listening.They might as well be spitting into the wind, or close comments because they are talking to themselves. They influence no one. The only comments they get is when they are required, and I swear on some I cringe, They take crap pictures of something and want a positive comment, It’s tough to do. Again they influence no one, and their brands should take the time to see it.

    And then there is the handful of blogs…. good blogs. You wish you had more time in the day to say something, but you run out of time. You respond if it is something that resonates with you, or perhaps you want to encourage them, or spread whatever message they are relaying.Those are social influencers.

    Your most important point is this ” Your responsiveness and interaction on social media is essential.” this applies not only to bloggers but to companies. The very best blogs and companies all do this. They can’t do it within seconds or minutes mind you, but they answer, they engage, they solve problems and are transparent.

    PS. I had some time before an appointment, or I wouldnt have been so long winded. Keep doing as you do, you do it well. Most importantly though, get off the computer (or phone whatever) now and again, and enjoy yourself.

    • Melany August 4, 2016 at 7:07 am #

      This is another amazing comment! Yes, there is such thing as being on way too many sites i.e —oversaturation. That is a problem sometimes especially because I do not automate! So, I share and share more when I can which is a lot – I know! HA! I totally hate the crap pics too! LOLOL. AND – i am trying to get off the computer more and more! It is hard. Again, thank you! YOU ROCK!!!!

  2. Jamie August 3, 2016 at 8:39 pm #

    You are truly spot on. Really enjoyed both parts. You need to write more about this.

    • Melany August 4, 2016 at 7:04 am #

      Thank you! Don’t worry – I will!

  3. Miguel Nolasco August 4, 2016 at 9:41 pm #

    Spot on post… Right to the meat of the BS…plenty of SNARK…I can’t wait to read more about this subject…Peace

    • Melany August 9, 2016 at 10:53 am #

      wooohoooo! Thank you! Me too. Have a lot more to say about the topic!

  4. funnyvault August 6, 2016 at 3:24 am #

    good blog awaiting for next blog from you

    • Melany August 9, 2016 at 10:53 am #

      Thank you! Stay tuned…..

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