I Am Most Thankful For…..REMIX Thanksgiving 2018

I Am Most Thankful For…..REMIX Thanksgiving 2018


Happy Thanksgiving! This post is a classic remix from when I first started this blog in 2012! It gave me a LOL! Feel free to add to it in the comments.

I am THANKFUL for:

Being raised by the 2 most amazing people who have been supportive through all my 9 lives and taught me never to be scared of my own shadow.

Being blessed to have had a sister that I shared everything with and knowing that she is watching over me every day.

Having the strength to kick ass literally and figuratively.

Puppies. All of them, especially Teddy Brewski.

Not having any bad dates this week.

Having a good day.


Pie. ☺

Not being hungover.

The beach.

The desert. AZliving is the best.

Not hitting any branches on the way down the ugly tree.

Knowing who I am and that my feet are planted firmly on the ground even if the people around me are flying around in crazy town.

Not being vanilla and having a sense of humor.

Having good hair.

Not having a boy’s body.

Being healthy.

Having a low voice.

Learning everyday to recognize all the bullshit around me.

Having the strength to clean house of the dead weight that accumulates in the form of “friends” in my life.

Every single concert I have ever been to because I would totally win on “Name That Tune”.

Having pride in my name and how I conduct myself on a daily basis.

All the colorful experiences I have had (including colorful people) because without them I would have nothing to write about.

Football, basketball, baseball and especially UofA sports, SF Giants and Golden State Warriors.

Random texts from people I have not heard from in months or years.

Being passionate about everything.

Having some really good laughs in my life.

Making people laugh.

Surviving the best parties.

Knowing that Tequila makes me mean and that I should no longer drink margaritas.

Being a successful shopper and knowing what looks good on my body. Just because you see it in a magazine does not mean it looks good on you.

Entertaining myself in a box.

Being a good cook and knowing how and when to cheat when making a meal for others.


Having a way with words.

Being the best peer “pressure-er” when I was younger. Many people shared “firsts” with me.

Being athletic because I don’t know what I would do if I could not walk and talk at the same time.

Kim Kardashian’s ass, because it made men appreciate a woman with curves.

Being short so that I can always be shorter than my date, even with heels on.

Having an artistic bone in my body enabling me to have good makeup applications daily.

Not having married my college boyfriend because we probably would have had our first baby in jail.

No longer working for a boss who used to ask for her change back to the penny.

Being aware of the impending doom of my body after eating on Thanksgiving and succumbing to the need for a nap around the 3rd or 4th course.

The people I have loved and lost along the way and knowing when to let them in and when to show them the door.

Golf. Golfing. Golf. Golf. Providing me a little bit of sanity in this chaotic world.

Gym. Appreciating the ability to workout.


Knowing that people always like me once they get a chance to know me. It is my choice if I like them back.

All of the experiences and people I have met from this crazy, social media journey that started out as a cathartic outlet for me.


Wishing you and your family and happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Be good to one another!


**Stay snarky my friends!**

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  1. Esther November 22, 2018 at 10:49 am #

    I love this

    • Melany November 23, 2018 at 5:48 am #

      Love you~ MWAH

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