Fun Date Night Ideas That You Might Never Have Thought Of

Never. Ever. Ever. I repeat. Never try and do two moves into a new house in two weeks. Can’t move. Answer is no to everything and everyone until my mom and I can walk again. Didn’t finish moving into house until 9pm with not 1 box unpacked. Thinking about taking mom to an island in Hawaii next week with no wifi. Seriously. And Laura to the rescue again…..this time about fun date night ideas! I would love to have a fun date night right now!

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been married for several years, date nights are always important. It is how you get to know someone to start with. Then it is how you can keep the spark alive as time goes on. When everyday life gets in the way, things can become a little dull. So doing something special is important for your relationship. Having said that, date night doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair. It can be inexpensive and low key. As long as it is planned out and you’ve both set time aside for it, then it is a date night. Here are a few ideas to give a try, next time you’re stuck for ideas.



Picnic on the Carpet

This is often a better one if you have children and want to do something special. You can’t always get a babysitter, but you can do date nights at home. So when the kids are in bed, have fun with a picnic on the floor. Get a proper picnic basket and blanket, like you would at any other time. Then enjoy sharing food and chatting together. The best part about a picnic like this? Sharing some champagne and strawberries together. You wouldn’t get that at many other regular picnics, right?

Movie Night

Forget about ‘Netflix and Chill’, you might actually want to watch some movies or program episodes on Netflix! It is a good date idea when you have already spent quite a bit of time together. You could have fun making some popcorn or other snacks beforehand too. Then it is just nice getting cosy on the sofa and picking something to watch. Choosing a movie or show that is fairly safe is always a good idea. So why not look at what is well rated to choose something? There are lots of guides about some of the best movies to watch on Netflix online. So have a look for them online or you could read one here: I think it’s best if neither of you has seen the movie. Then you will have plenty to talk about afterwards.




If you are just getting to know someone, it is a good idea to see them in a variety of situations. You can see how they react to things and how they are with other people. One great way to do this is by volunteering with them. Could you help out at a shelter or soup kitchen for the evening? How about helping in a local neighborhood conservation project? There are plenty of things like this available in your area, I’m sure. You will just need to plan it and call ahead. They will welcome volunteers anytime!

Dress Up Dinner

You might eat out quite a lot as a couple. So to make it stand out as a special evening, how about getting dressed up all fancy? It is always fun to get ready to out for dinner and look your best. You don’t even have to go to a fancy restaurant as such. It would make it even more fun if it weren’t a fancy restaurant! You can never be too overdressed, as they say. One other great way to do dinner is to have a three-course dinner. You just have each course at a different restaurant. Makes the evening fun, exciting and last a long time.



Get Sporty

There are lots of things related to sports that you could do for a date night. You could play mini-golf at a local course, or get out on a bike ride. You could go for a hike or a walk or even go train at the gym together. Lower key sporting things could be going to a sports match or doing something like bowling, snooker or pool. If there is ever any excuse to get close together, then it is when you’re showing them how to hold snooker cue or golf club!

Take it Old School

How about doing a date that is a bit of a throwback? You could do something like visit a theme park or amusement arcade. Try to ‘hook a duck’ or visit a coconut shy. If you can win an oversized stuffed toy, then you are pretty much winning at life! So just be creative and think about things that you would have done when you were teenagers. You could even finish off the date going to a fast food drive through, like the old times.
What are some of your favorite things to do on dates with your love? There are lots more ideas here:

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