All The Best Beauty Tricks For Impressing On A First Date

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Having a great time on a first date is all about confidence, which is why it’s so important that you look good. When you look good, your confidence levels soar, making you happier and more relaxed. First dates are stressful enough, without the added worry of whether you look nice. That’s why when it comes to wowing on a first date, it’s important that you get your beauty routine spot on.

Want to ensure that you look and feel fantastic on your next date? Take these beauty tips and tricks on board, and you can do.

Relax in a bubble bath

All The Best Beauty Tricks For Impressing On A First Date


First dates are always stressful, even if they’re with the man (or woman) of your dreams. That’s why relaxing in a soothing bubble bath is the perfect pre-date prep, as it will help to calm your nerves and make you less anxious.

As well as being good for relaxing you, bubble baths are also perfect for your pre-date preparation. Start by exfoliating your whole body, from your toes to your face, to ensure that your skin is beautifully soft and smooth. Follow this by shaving your legs, and washing and deep conditioning your hair.

Be strategic about your scent

If you smell good, your confidence will instantly increase. Instead of just spritzing yourself with perfume, it’s also worth choosing a moisturizer that has a lovely scent to it. Ideally, one that matches your perfume or is similar to it. Using a moisturizer that smells the same as your perfume will help the scent to stay on your skin for longer.

Don’t forget your teeth



Of course, for a date having minty fresh breath is important. But it’s not just about how fresh your breath smells, but also about how beautiful your teeth and smile looks.

To make your smile beautifully bright, consider using teeth whitening strips. These are quick and easy to use and tend to have great results. You can find out more about the best ones to use at Have a browse, pick the best strips for you, and achieve pure white, sparkling teeth.

Opt for natural-looking makeup

Obviously, on a first date, you always want to look flawless. However, this doesn’t mean caking your face in makeup. When it comes to first dates, it’s much better to opt for a softer, more natural look. You can still make your skin look flawless, but that doesn’t mean smothering yourself in foundation and goodness knows what else.

For a more natural look, use BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Top this with a small amount of blusher, bronzer, and highlighter, to give your skin a natural-looking glow. Choose between your eyes and lips – only one feature should be eye-catching so pick one and keep the other minimal when it comes to your makeup. For more tips on natural-looking makeup, have a browse of

Keep your hair simple

Last but not least, keep your hair simple. Don’t go for a hairstyle that’s too over the top or elaborate; it’s much better to opt for a style that’s sleek and simple. Ideally, you want to opt for a hairstyle that makes you look effortlessly beautiful.

Want to impress your date with your radiance? All you need to do is take the tips above, on board.

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