An Open Letter to MelanysGuydlines Fans, Friends and Followers:

open letter to MelanysGuydlines fans, friends and followers


Please nominate MelanysGuydlines (a.k.a. Melanyb12 on twitter) for a Shorty Award in the blogger category. The Shorty awards are the Oscars for Social Media. It would be a huge honor to take home this prize and I am currently in the number one position with 555 nominations but the contest ends (tomorrow) this Thursday February 19, 2015 and the person behind me is getting close. Nominations are only available via Twitter so you must have an active account to nominate.

Past honors have gone to celebs and social media stars including Jerry Seinfeld, Will Ferrell, Tracy Morgan, Andrew WK and more. I would love to accept this award alongside some of these amazing people. Here is a video of some past recipients.

Last year, I missed this honor by one on the last day of the contest and I want to make sure I bring it home this time. Can I count on you to nominate me for this prestigious honor?

It is easy. Click on the link below and make sure Melanyb12 and blogger is filled out, then add your reason why and you are done!

I was recently interviewed for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences magazine about my involvement with the University of Arizona, the scholarship my family has dedicated to my sister who passed a few years ago, my board position, teaching social media at the University of Arizona, and my blog and social media influence. 

Also, here is my bio and more about me.

Thank you so much in advance for reading this and I hope that I can count on your support.

#Wildcatforlife #ninerfaithful #sfgiants #Championstogether

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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