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MelanysGuydlines: Shorty Awards 2015 Vox Populi Winner In Blogger

MelanysGuydlines at the Shorty Awards 2015

Happy day after the Shorty Awards! Thank you for 577 nominations from my followers which earned this blog the BEST award, the Vox Populi a.k.a. fan favorite in blogger at the 2015 Shorty Awards! That is the one I wanted. I am truly grateful! Plus, I couldn’t imagine having better dates than my parents who have been supportive since day one, no matter what life has thrown our way. It hasn’t EVER been easy but we have always had each other. I love you both! Thanks for sharing this trip and honor with me. I know my sister, Brenna would… Continue Reading

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Why I Social Podcast Featuring Melany Berger: Shorty Awards Special

whyisocial podcast with Melany Berger

Happy Shorty Awards Day and Night! The day has finally arrived for the Shorty Awards and I will be attending the show tonight. You can watch it live on! But, before you watch the show make sure to listen to me on the Why I Social Podcast with Chris Barrows. I met (via twitter) Chris through my co-hosting appearances on Social Hangout with Eric Mitchell. Yes, I know that may be confusing to some who are not online as much as we are but I promise you that both of these men are putting out excellent and entertaining content not to be missed. I have been a guest on other podcasts but the Why I Social stands out. Chris is personable and flexible (with my crazy travel schedule). So, what makes his show stand out in a sea of content? Well, as he explains on the Why I Social… Continue Reading

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Live From New York: MelanysGuydlines At The Shorty Awards 2015

Melanysguydlines at the Plaza hotel for the Shorty Awards!

Good morning beautiful people! I am writing you today live from New York City! I have been enjoying the city with my cutie-parents for the past few days. We are here for the Shorty Awards! I am a finalist in blogger and already know I won the Vox Populi vote which is the honor for most nominations by the public a.k.a. YOU via Twitter!   Thank you so much for all of the support and nominations for a Shorty Award in blogger! Now, it is up to the academy to decide who wins in the Blogger category! Even if I… Continue Reading

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I Am A Shorty Awards Finalist in Blogger: MelanysGuydlines

I AM A FINALIST FOR THE SHORTY AWARD IN BLOGGER!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL ALL 577 NOMINATIONS! The official announcement went out in the The Hollywood Reporter today!! Plus, I was the fan favorite, which is awesome and a special distinction for having the most nominations in the blogger category!!! I am a proud Vox Populi Shorty Award winner in blogger for 2015. The Vox Populi is a distinction given to finalists with exemplary campaigns and the most nominations. I am so excited and honored to be listed along side some of the most talented celebrities, actors, actresses,… Continue Reading

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An Open Letter to MelanysGuydlines Fans, Friends and Followers:

An open letter to MelanysGuydlines fans, friends and followers

  Please nominate MelanysGuydlines (a.k.a. Melanyb12 on twitter) for a Shorty Award in the blogger category. The Shorty awards are the Oscars for Social Media. It would be a huge honor to take home this prize and I am currently in the number one position with 555 nominations but the contest ends (tomorrow) this Thursday February 19, 2015 and the person behind me is getting close. Nominations are only available via Twitter so you must have an active account to nominate. Past honors have gone to celebs and social media stars including Jerry Seinfeld, Will Ferrell, Tracy Morgan, Andrew WK… Continue Reading

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Nominate MelanysGuydlines (@Melanyb12) for a Shorty Award in Blogger!

Well, there has been a lot going on over here at MelanysGuydlines lately. Right now, I am neck and neck for first place in a shorty award for blogger. YES! I just need one more vote to be tied for #1. WOOHOO! But, I need your help to take that first place slot. Can I count on you? Last year I was up for this award and missed it by one slot. I know my snarky followers are not going to let that happen in 2015, right?   Thank you to all that have nominated me for a shorty award… Continue Reading

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Melanysguydlines for a Shorty Award: Blogger

I need to win a Shorty award because I am short! I am also – funny and snarky….or so I am told. Shorty Awards acknowledge the best is social media and this is right up my alley You know? Snarky is witty but younger and better looking!? This blog is my cathartic outlet and I use laughter as the best medicine. I am so excited and honored to have been nominated over 130 times in the blogger category (even got a few in Comedian but blogger is what I want). Thank you! There are a bunch of other snarky reasons… Continue Reading

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