Tips To Help The Men In Your Life Dress Better

Thanks to Laura for this post about men’s fashion! I totally agree with all the tips here especially the one about tight fitting shirts. Guys, just don’t!

Take it away Laura…..

Sometimes it falls to you to make sure that the men in your life dress right, if it were up to them then they’d spend all day wearing sweatpants and scruffy t-shirts. It’s especially important when men are getting a little older because there are a lot of simple fashion mistakes that they make which can make them look ridiculous. These are some of the most common fashion mistakes that you need to help them avoid.

Tips To Help The Men In Your Life Dress Better


Trying To Dress Young

There’s nothing worse than a guy that doesn’t dress his age. So many men think that if they wear the same clothes as young people, they’ll automatically make themselves look young and cool. Unfortunately, it has the complete opposite effect. They just end up looking sad and a bit stupid. It’s ok for them to try to make fashion choices that make them look stylish but it’s important that they don’t confuse that with wearing teenagers clothes. It’s often hard to broach the subject with them because they might think that you’re calling them old. Just make sure you approach it sensitively and offer alternative suggestions to the outfits that don’t suit them.

Bad Fitting Shirts

Finding a shirt that fits sounds like an easy task but a lot of people manage to get it very wrong. A good shirt should fit the body fairly tightly but still retain good movement. Slim fit shirts are a bit of a minefield because they often give men the impression that tighter means better so they end up buying shirts that are just too small for them. Or they go the complete opposite way because they think a tight fit is going to be uncomfortable so they get a big baggy shirt. Wearing an oversized shirt makes them look like a kid that’s borrowed clothes off their dad, not an adult that should be taken seriously.

Bad Haircuts

While it’s not a good idea for men to dress in young people’s clothes, they can get away with something a bit more modern when it comes to their haircut. There are plenty of haircuts for men that give them a modern look without showing off their age. Getting them to change their haircut for something a bit more interesting makes them look a lot more stylish. Having said that, there is a line that you shouldn’t cross. A middle aged man can’t pull off a mohawk, for example.

Expensive Equals Fashionable

A lot of fashion choices are often based on labels but that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know. A common fashion mistake is thinking that expensive designer label clothes are automatically going to make you look good. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a shirt but if it’s not the right fit or style for you, you’ll look bad regardless. It’s better to work out what looks good and base your choices on that, regardless of how much the clothes cost or who makes them. It’ll save a lot of money and they’ll end up looking better for it.

Not Matching Outfits

Even if they’ve managed to pick some great clothes, they might not have mastered matching outfits yet. A great pair of trousers and a good shirt on their own doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll make a good outfit when you pair them. When they’re buying clothes, they need to think about items as part of a whole outfit, not just separate pieces of clothing. Otherwise, they might end up having loads of clothes but not being able to match any outfits at all.


Tips To Help The Men In Your Life Dress Better


Trousers are pretty warm in the summer so it’s likely that they’re going to want to wear shorts. Some people tell you that shorts are never good and they should only be worn by kids, but I wouldn’t go that far. However, you just need to be careful with them. Three quarter length shorts are always a no go, they look childish and they might as well just be wearing trousers. It’s also important that they don’t go for bright colored shorts that look like kids clothes as well and avoid cargo shorts at all costs. Shorts are only acceptable in certain situations so make sure that they’re not wearing them to more formal functions.

Square Toed Shoes

A good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit so it’s vital that they choose well. When it comes to smart shoes, the biggest mistake they can make is square toes. They look clunky and awkward and they can completely ruin an otherwise stylish outfit. It’s always better to go for wingtips or oxfords.

Avoid these simple mistakes and you can make sure that the men in your life are always looking stylish.

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