16 Things Not To Do At (Any/Social Media) Conference

1. Not knowing your competition. Know if anyone is dominating your niche in the market. I am 70% sure there may be someone doing what you think you have created. Can’t you hear Drunk Uncle from SNL saying “I’m prrrrrrrreetttttyyyy suuuuuurrrrrree…..” someone is already doing that? Do your research! 2. Do not wear high heels during the day so you look like a wounded stork walking through the hotel. This will make people notice you but not in a good way and then you can’t attend the rest of the conference and have to call in wounded the second day…. Continue Reading

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Don’t Discount this Snarky, Blonde, Blogger!

I dont get no respect as a blogger

Last week, I attended social media week in Los Angeles and was not able to write a proper blog post for today.  It was an interesting experience.  I did however notice one thing. Most men did not take me seriously until they asked AJ (my social media ninja) what he did? When AJ responded that he worked for me, and “does anything she needs” the men were a lot more interested in what I had to say. Men – wake up! Attention – Blogs are important and don’t discount this snarky, blonde girl for a minute. You will need me… Continue Reading

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AllTwitter, AllFacebook, ALL Nerds Part 1 – #nerdsdoitbetter or not?

Not paying attention at the conference.

I decided to take a break from LALA land to attend the AllFacebook and AllTwitter Marketing conference in the land of people who make too much money and feel extremely entitled (a.k.a. I would never touch them with a 10 foot pole because I am not attracted to nerds who are assholes because they were so nerdy when they were young and have to overcompensate now that they have money) or the social media community. After spending almost a week in San Francisco I did not conclude that in fact #nerdsdoitbetter. They just don’t. I thought I should give you… Continue Reading

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