Melany Berger Guest Lecturer at UofA for Communication and eSociety

I am going back to school tomorrow at the University of Arizona, not as a student but as a guest lecturer on some of my favorite topics besides rock n’ roll and sports. I will be lecturing the Communication and eSociety students about blogging, social media, and being a social media influencer tomorrow in Tucson, AZ! I am a proud #Wildcatforlife and can’t wait to go visit. It is so much fun going back to school and sharing how I started my business. Even better than that is I am given the opportunity to learn directly from the students about their latest and favorite trends for social media. They teach me so much and hopefully I can teach them a little bit too (with a dose of snark). So, wish me luck that I find the classroom on time. It has been a few years!

Melany Berger Guest Lecturer at the University of Arizona

That is me!



**Stay snarky my friends!**

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