A Gift Guy-de: Buying For Men Is Tricky

Read this awesome gift “Guy-de” for what to buy men from Laura! She did it again with some great tips. Now, get shopping ladies.

Buying gifts for men is tricky. Perhaps it’s only a stereotype or perhaps it’s the way we’ve been brainwashed to view shopping through advertising, but it often seems like the options for men are so scarce, other than clothing or technology. There comes a point, of course, when you find yourself growing tired of buying the same sort of thing for birthdays, Christmases and perhaps even anniversaries, if the man in question is your significant other. It can seem like an endlessly looping cycle, and, even if it is the thought that counts, you still want to push yourself further and buy people gifts which truly mean something and which take them by surprise.

A Gift Guy-de: Buying For Men Is Tricky

However, when you stop worrying about the fact that they’re a man and start thinking about what they’d enjoy as a person, the whole gift-buying process becomes a million times easier. If you want a little bit of inspiration to help you buy better presents for the men in your life, then here’s a nifty little gift “guy-de” to give you some unique and surprising ideas that will surely make his day, no matter the occasion.

A non-physical gift.
If you’ve exhausted every kind of jumper and every pair of socks available at every store on the high street, then perhaps it’s time to move away from buying your male friend or partner the standard physical gifts. Buying them something non-physical and everlasting, such as a day out to their favourite place in the world, is an experience which will give them the gift of a wonderful memory to last forever.

This gift might involve something to do with their passions, such as buying tickets to see their favourite musician perform live, or it might be something a little unexpected, such as a quick trip over to Paris for a couple of days. Whether you go for the element of surprise or play things safe by honing in on their interests and obsessions, giving the gift of an experience with you is something your friend will never forget (unlike a pair of socks).

Everybody loves food. There are so many ways you could interpret this gift, and at least one of them will appeal to your male friend, family member or partner. Perhaps he’s a lover of chocolate, in which case you could buy him a personalised bar or perhaps even a giant cookie with ‘happy birthday’ scribbled across it. You can get inventive and creative even with a gift as basic as an edible treat.

If they’re not into desserts, of course (which I find hard to believe), then you could take your friend or partner out for a meal in a high-end, expensive restaurant. You might have been saving for months, but you don’t have to let them know that. You can play it off casually. At the end of the day, it’s the very idea that you went out of your way to give your male buddy something as everyday as food in such a unique, thoughtful way which will make a real impact as a gift.

Improve his look.
You may love your partner, the men in your family, and the men in your friendship group, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you love their style. Fashion comes naturally to some, and it never comes at all to others. You could use a birthday or Christmas as a chance to make a subtle hint as to the direction you think your male friend should be taking in terms of their appearance. You could look into brands such as frost nyc for penchants or other jewellery designed for men. It’s not about being lavish with the clothing or accessories you buy, but simply getting the important man or men in your life something a bit more vivid and lively than their plain and dull clothes is a great way to let them know that you want to help them look smart.

If you’re feeling a little generous this year, whatever your budget may be, perhaps you could simply take the hints on board that your partner or male friend might have been giving you in terms of the latest tech on the market. Perhaps a new phone is a bit of a pricey ask, but those swish new bluetooth speakers or even a VR headset, considering those have finally taken off after years of little success, could be the gift which transforms their birthday, Christmas or your anniversary; though you’ll want to be pulling them away from their gadgets when it’s time to go out for your romantic meal.

Get him practical gear.
If you’re running out of ideas, maybe you’re trying too hard. Just take it back to basics and think about the thing your male friend or partner needs. Don’t think about what they might want, but what they actually need in the house, at work or simply when they’re out and about. If they’re a jogger, a new pair of shoes might help them on their runs or if they enjoy fixing things around the house, a brand new DIY kit might be just what they needed.

Of course, practicality come come in many different forms. Not all men are the same, believe it or not, and buying some practical gear could stretch far beyond a hammer and a few nails. If he’s a lover of wine, you could buy him a snug pouch to store his bottles or if he’s a lover of football, you could buy him a small table for his snacks beside the couch. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, as the small things are often enough to show that you’ve thought about somebody. The practicality and longevity of a gift often means a lot more to someone that a novelty gift which loses its appeal quickly.

Treat him to something romantic.
Obviously, this pointer only applies for a man who’s also your partner. You likely don’t want to make things weird with any of your friends or family members. Anyway, whether it’s a big anniversary or yet another birthday, the best way to treat your partner to the perfect gift is to simply show them how much you care. A display of romance will be far more powerful to that one special man in your life than any amount of material gifts. I’m not saying that should go to your head and a kiss on the cheek counts as a birthday or Christmas gift, but cooking a romantic meal, lighting some candles and running a nice, relaxing bath for the pair of you are all examples of easy but meaningful things you can do to show the man in your life how much you love him.

Ask his friend for help.
If you’re at a loose end and you absolutely hate asking the man in question about things he’d appreciate as a gift, then perhaps you should ask another friend or family member what they think he’d like for his birthday, Christmas or whatever the event may be. Perhaps you know their interests, but there’s something specific to do with the type of sport or technology which goes straight over your head, as you might not have the same level of interest in it. Finding a friend who does care about that hobby or topic as much as the man in question, however, could help you get a gift which he actually needs.

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