Find Gift Inspiration for Friends with My Guide

It has been a few weeks since we have enjoyed a post from Laura. Happy to share this great post for friend gift inspo. BTW: she mentions jewelry here and you should stay tuned for an exciting jewelry announcement next week!

Find Gift Inspiration for Friends with My Guide

Find Gift Inspiration for Friends with My Guide

Getting gifts for friends can be easy, or it can take you forever. It’s often harder when you haven’t been friends long. Then it gets easier as you get to know each other better, and then harder again when you start running out of ideas. I love shopping for my besties, but wanting to make them happy means it can be a little stressful too. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, buying just the right gift can drive you mad. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of awesome ideas to find the perfect present for your friend. Have a look at some of these suggestions for inspiration and you’ll make someone very happy.


Not everyone wants to buy their friends “stuff”. You might already have given them lots of things over the years, and now you want to try something different. If this is the case, I suggest thinking of experiences they can enjoy instead. It could be something you do together or something they can do with whoever they like. There are lots of different experiences you can buy for them in the form of a gift certificate. It could be a course over a day or several weeks so they can learn something new. It could be a weekend at a spa or just a few massages. Maybe you could go out to dinner, or you could do something extreme and try bungee jumping together.

Food and Drink

It’s hard to go wrong with something to eat or drink, even with the fussiest of friends. It might not be a gift that lasts forever, but it can still be something they love. If your friend is a chocolate fiend, get them some expensive chocolates they can enjoy. Or look for something different, like chocolate molded into an interesting shape.  You could even get them a book on how to make your own. For friends who love to eat, some restaurant vouchers could be a good idea. Lovers of wine, beer, or any other drink will enjoy a few bottles – or just one if it’s expensive.

Cooking and Baking

Some people prefer to make food rather than just eat other people’s. If you have a friend who loves to cook or bake, there are so many things you can get for them. Start with recipe books, maybe by a chef or baker they love or for a type of cuisine they would like to try. There are all kinds of gadgets and tools you can get for their kitchen too. No matter your budget, you can buy them something useful. It could be anything from a juicer to a new set of measuring spoons.


Fitness fanatics will always appreciate something to help them keep up their routine. If you’re looking for an expensive present, you could consider something like a FitBit. They might like some new yoga pants or something else to wear when they’re working out. Lots of other things could be useful for them too. Gifts could range from an armband to hold their phone while they’re running to a new water bottle. Or if you want to go for an experience, you could sign them up for a class. Or maybe you can even get them some sessions with a personal trainer.


Jewelry works for most friends, unless they don’t tend to wear it. You do need to get creative sometimes, though. A lot of women feel like they get a bit too much jewelry when it’s gift-receiving time. Finding something special can be expensive, but there are lots of places to look for great deals. You might not think to look in the Mercury Pawn Shop and other similar stores. But you could discover something unique if you search away from the usual places you shop. Go to independent stores and market stalls to find a piece of jewelry you won’t be able to buy anywhere else.

Fashion and Accessories

Even if your friend doesn’t wear jewelry, they’re sure to wear clothes or use a bag sometimes. You can consider clothes and accessories too, although you have to know your friend well. Buying them something to wear is always a bit of a risk but if you know their tastes, it will be much easier. It can be less risky to focus on accessories, from scarves to bags, rather than clothes. You can never be entirely sure if something will fit or suit them, so make sure you keep the receipt just in case. You might even choose to give it to them, so they’re free to exchange or return their gift.

Find Gift Inspiration for Friends with My Guide

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For a house proud friend, there are lots of great gifts you can consider. But as with fashion, you have to know their taste. You don’t want to get the something that they immediately hide in a cupboard. You could get them something useful or something decorative. It might be anything from art they can hang on their walls to new mugs or cushions to match their decor. If your friend is a minimalist or picky, it’s best to steer away from anything for their home.


If you’re familiar with your friend’s taste in books, TV, movies or music (which you should be), buy them something to entertain them. You’re sure to have shared interests, so think about getting them a gift you’re familiar with. It can be harder to find something related to a topic you’re unfamiliar with. So if you both like historical dramas but only they like sci-fi, it might be better to get them the Downton Abbey box set. Taking a stab at which Star Trek they like best might be difficult. It’s important to make sure you don’t buy them something they already own. So some subtle snooping might be in order.

Crafts and DIY

Some people are very hands-on and can’t resist making and fixing things. If you know someone who loves crafts or DIY, you have lots of options for their gift. One idea is to buy them books with ideas and instructions so they can learn new things. They might also like new tools and supplies. If they enjoy doing DIY around the house, get them a new set of tools they can use. If they like knitting, buy them some new yarn or some patterns they can follow. You can get them something that they can enjoy over and over again.

Another way a lot of people like to keep themselves busy is with gardening. If one of your besties has green thumbs, they’ll love something they can use in their garden. Get them a tool they can use to make gardening easier. Or perhaps you could give them some new plants or seeds. You could look for something unusual by shopping for garden technology. You’ll find interesting gadgets that make gardening smarter. Lots of new tools will connect to WiFi.

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