12 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Would Never Think to Get You (but that you really want!)

12 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Would Never Think to Get You (but that you really want!)

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If you have a super thoughtful boyfriend, then count yourself lucky! Especially when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. Some guys spend the whole year coming up with ideas of what to get you and how to spoil you. Others just walk into a shop and buy the first thing they see. You know, the cards that say ‘Happy Birthday Grandma’ because they didn’t read it… Yeah, we’ve all had one of those. Even if you do have a thoughtful boyfriend, there are some things they just won’t buy for you. Despite you desperately wanting or even needing them. Here are 12 gift ideas your boyfriend would never think to get you. Even if you’ve dropped 86 hints already this month.

  1. A Dressing Gown

You know what, sometimes we want to slob out on the couch in our comfy clothes. In front of Netflix with a giant tub of Ben & Jerry’s. However, most men don’t think that’s what us women do in our spare time. Instead, we’re always playing with our hair or doing our nails or something. Wrong! We like a slob out just as much as the guys do. That’s why we’d love a snuggly dressing gown to enjoy these moments in. Most boyfriends would never buy you this, until you’re fully grown up, get married, and have kids.

  1. Makeup

On the opposite end of the scale, very few guys will buy their girlfriend any makeup. Why? Because they have no idea how it all works. If you want makeup for your birthday, then you have two options. Ask your girl mates or sister for it. Or, tell your man exactly what you want. Right down to the shade number, price and store. In fact, just ask for the money and go buy it yourself.

12 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Would Never Think to Get You (but that you really want!)

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  1. Socks

Okay, so chances are you’d never ask your other half for socks. However, you can’t keep borrowing his! He thinks it’s cute that you have to wear his oversized socks because you’ve run out. You think it’s annoying. All you want is pretty little socks with owls on them. Is that too much to ask?! Especially as you got him everything he wanted for his birthday!

  1. Practical Underwear

Most men will be happy to buy you underwear as a gift. The problem is the buy the kind of underwear they like. Not the kind you’re going to work every day. Be honest, has your other half ever bought you underwear that wasn’t sexy? That would actually be comfortable to wear on a daily basis? Nope, didn’t think so. If you see an underwear box, you can bet it’s going to be see-through, itchy lace that rides up your ahem.

  1. Skincare Products

You’re running out of cleanser, and your moisturiser just doesn’t cut it anymore. Will your boyfriend buy you some more? Heck no, he won’t! He wants to think that your skin is naturally that smooth, without any help. Send him this page where compares several brands of skin firming products. Then, tell him if you don’t look after your skin now you’ll look like a battered leather handbag by the time he marries you. He’ll either get the hint or run a mile.

  1. Shoes

If you ask a guy to buy you shoes, you’ll end up with one of two things. Heels so high you can’t walk in them. Or, trainers. There is no middle ground. They have no idea what flat shoes or platforms are. Ankle boots?! Not a clue. If you want shoes, then you’re best off buying them yourself.

12 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Would Never Think to Get You (but that you really want!)

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  1. Spa Day

There are some guys who will be really thoughtful and buy you some kind of experience for your birthday. This is cute because it means they want to spend time with you. However, it will probably be something like paintballing. Gee, thanks. A spa day for two? Not a chance. He doesn’t want to lose his masculinity by getting a clay bath and cucumber eye mask.

  1. Gig Tickets

This is along the same lines as the spa day. Some boyfriends might buy gig tickets for their girlfriends. The problem is, it tends to be a band they want to see. The one that we said we loved so that we could pretend we had something in common. Whereas, in reality we would kill to see Van Halen . Well, this one is your own fault I’m afraid! Be honest about what you do (and don’t) like.

  1. A Ryan Gosling Film

Doesn’t have to be Gosling, could be any other hot male on the planet. There is no way your other half wants to sit there for two hours, watching you drool over another guy. Even if he watched Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits for the fourth time last week. Ryan Gosling films are reserved for you and the girls only.

  1. Beer

It’s your anniversary, and he’s spoilt you with a bottle of champagne. Yay! While this is very thoughtful, sometimes we just want to sit on the couch and drink beer. In that dressing gown mentioned right at the beginning. Keep your own fridge fully stocked, just in case.

  1. Junk Food

Pretty much the same as the beer issue. Maybe he wants to take you out to a nice dinner, to wine and dine you. All you really want is a giant pizza, that beer, the dressing gown, and Netflix. Look, we can only be ladies for ¾ of the year. Sometimes, we just want to be slobby.

12 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Would Never Think to Get You (but that you really want!)

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  1. Diamonds

They are a girl’s best friend; there’s no denying that. Every time we see a little box under the tree, we’re praying it’s diamonds. It never is. We love that charm bracelet and that silver necklace you got us. But please, oh please, just get us a diamond. Preferably on a ring. With you down on one knee.
You know what you need to do with this list? Print it out and stick it somewhere your other half is going to find it. Just tick off the ones you like or agree with the most. Look, he’s never going to get a subtle hint so you might as well just be blunt about it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!


Thanks again Sara for contributing to this very fun post!! I want Van Halen tickets!!!!

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5 Responses to 12 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Would Never Think to Get You (but that you really want!)

  1. Ciara August 19, 2015 at 9:34 am #

    I want it all!!! But the ring unless it is a right hand diamond instead.

    • Melany August 20, 2015 at 7:43 am #

      HAHAHA! Right! I want the Van Halen tix!

  2. tonkic August 20, 2015 at 10:00 am #

    i want a trip! doesn’t have to be expensive 😀

  3. Cherlyn August 21, 2015 at 12:47 am #

    I think the spa day and gig tickets are gold! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with those!

    I don’t know what it is with boyfriends and their inability to give gifts we actually use (maybe it’s just me). One gave me some what looked like Aztec jewelry and got really pouty when he sensed that I really didn’t like it (I was trying to).

    Another gave me speakers that didn’t work. I never use speakers so I guess that was a sign?

    • Melany August 21, 2015 at 5:52 pm #

      HAHAAHA!!! Thanks for the comments. I should do a group post asking people about “What not to give’ – OMG! LOL.
      Thanks for the comment!

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