Happy Halloween aka #dresslikeaslutday

Happy Halloween aka #dresslikeaslutday

I can’t believe it is #dresslikeaslutday already. Where did 2016 go? It is almost 2017. WHAAAA? This Halloween, I’m hiding and going to TRY and catch up a little at home. If you have been following along I moved – again. I am never, ever moving again. So, with that said I am super far behind and won’t be strutting my “stuff” this Halloween. Bummer. I do love Halloweenie and so does Teddy Brewski! They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your price. Does this count? They said you have to kiss a lot of… Continue Reading

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Video Did Not Kill The Radio Star: 16 Times I Wish I Had Video Proof

recording my life because weird things are attracted to me like flies to shit

I am going to tell you something that might not surprise you. People don’t love to read. I would totally look at pretty pictures and funny videos if I could learn everything I needed to know by doing just that. Wouldn’t you? I am so ADD and OCD that sometimes I can’t even re-read my own blog posts. But, don’t tell anyone because that could be a bad look for someone who blogs full time. HA! Anyway, watching a video is so much fun. I wish I had my camera on me for so many experiences I have had along… Continue Reading

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