May 2021 Be A Better Year For Us All

May 2021 Be A Better Year For Us All

To good friends. Wherever they may be. This is the face I still make when I go to sleep at night knowing who I am, what I stand for, having pride in my name and being a kind human being. The face I make going to sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow will be a new dawn, a new day and the beginning of a new year. The face I make wishing every day that I will remain a positive, good human being continuing to break free of negative users that are endlessly attracted to me without losing my faith in… Continue Reading

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Rosh Hashanah: Spiritual Healing Begins From Within

To all my family and friends who observe, wishing you a very happy and sweet Rosh Hashanah. During the commencement of the Jewish New Year let this first night begin a spiritual journey of introspection and repentance. Let us sit quietly for a moment away from our electronics and focus on ourselves. Spiritual healing and forgiveness must begin from within. From there we may then ask ….. To those I may have wronged…..I ask for forgiveness. To those I may have helped….I wish I had done more. To those I may have neglected to help….I ask for understanding. To those… Continue Reading

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A Guide to Staying Connected to Your Long-Distance BFF

Please enjoy this guest post! This time we are talking BFF’s and how important it is to stay connected no matter how far away the two of you live from one another. (I totally agree that surprising a BFF is super fun and she will love you for it. My BFF always surprised me for every Birthday until I moved to be closer to her in Arizona.) Enjoy and thank you for the tips! Your BFF is your rock, your everything. She knows you so well that she can even finish your sentences. Whether you’ve had the same best friend… Continue Reading

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