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I’m not making this up

I want a girl I can wake up next to the next morning and not be horrified to see in daylight. After reading Melany’s post about dumb people and terrible beauty advice the other day, I’d like to offer some makeup tips of my own: ladies, ditch the clown paint.

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You’re wearing THAT to watch the game?

I like to think of myself as a real man – I drink beer, watch my fair share of sports and I can actually grow a beard. 

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Dixon’s dating and dining desires

Once I’m in a committed relationship with a beautiful woman (or at least committed to spending time trying to get her in the sack), I love bringing food into the mix. I’m not talking about food entering the boudoir unless it’s room service after a 24-hour Vegas bender – I’m talking about dinner dates.

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In Defense of Dick Pics: A Guy’s Perspective

The world of online dating is a tricky one. And if the Manti Te’o story and other “Catfishing” tales have taught us anything, it’s that you can’t trust everything on the internet. Who’s to say who (or what) is on the other end of that phone or computer. This is why I send girls dick pics.

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