Which Snarky Pool Floatie Are You?

Which snarky pool floatie are you?

Which snarky pool floatie are you?

Before this post fades away with the pool weather I better get it up! It is still hot outside! It is almost as hot as the devil’s mouth right now in Arizona and I want to get some new pool floats for my new pool. With so many choices out there where does one begin?

If you could choose any pool floatie to float away on which would it be? There are so many choices out there I have no idea which float I want for my brand new pool so I thought I would put together a little quiz!

Think of your choice as your chosen spirit animal or spirit pool floatie. HA! Just for fun but if you feel so inclined some of these are going fast. Get them while you can. Well, not all of them.

Which Pool Float Are You?

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If you chose:


Flamingo pool float


You are:
-Tall and Graceful (opposite of me)
-Feminine and Loves pink (but maybe not as much as Victoria)
-Needs to work out on legs more at the gym (you know that guy?)
-Loves to travel in packs (want to go to the bathroom with me?)


Unicorn float


-Magic and Mystical / Perfection (in your dreams)
-chupacabra (he/she is out there, right? Patti Stanger said he/she was)
-everyone loves them (like Raymond)
-expel rainbows (I saw it once!)


Duck pool float


-Love the song “Rubber Ducky” (You are the one!)
-Ducks are cute (not cuter than dogs)
-Favorite color is yellow (neon only)
-Lets water roll right off your back (nothing bothers them. Wish this was me.)


Watermelon pool float


-Looking for a date (Ask Beyonce about the seeds)
-Going to be a mom or dad (again with the seeds)
-Hungry/On a diet (It is water. No it is a Melon. It fills you up).
-Doesn’t mind seeds in teeth (should carry a pocket mirror)


swan pool float

awwww perf!

-Beauty (in the eye of the beholder)
-Elegant (me. does snarky count? )
-Pure (totally me, if snarky still counts)


Pizza pool float




Donut pool float

You are such a donut hole!


Ice Cream

ice cream float



Gummy Bear

gummy bear pool float



Gum Ball Machine

gum ball float

Don’t chew like a cow. K?

-More sweet

Hot Bod Beach Bro

hot beach bod float

Did we date?


Which one are you?? Leave in the comments! Promise I won’t tell…..maybe. LOL! Happy weekend all.

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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