What Is A Good Word To Describe Someone Who Is A “DingDong”?

What is a good word to describe someone who is a "dingdong"?

I wonder how many times a day I shake my head at all the idiots I know? When I say that I work as a flytrap for all the stupid people in the world, I really do. So, what does one do when they can’t believe all the stupidy around them? One takes to Facebook to ask for a little help from their real friends.

This is a real thread from my snarky friends on Facebook! Thanks to everyone who replied! I told you this was good for a post!

Here is the question?

What is a good word to describe someone who is a little more than a little “dingdong-y” aka not the sharpest tool in the shed?


Alison McIlroy – Doo-mass

Melany Berger –  HA! or…POPSICLE..F**KO

Mike Melise – Why u talk about me?

Stephen J. Caggiano –  An Entrepreneur.

Melany Berger  – Dumber than a bag of hammers

Long Paul –  Boss

Brandon Reynolds – Box of rocks.

Christin Jones Kardos – I was typing out the “bag of hammers” thing when I saw you already used it. Hmm…. Rocket surgeon. I use that a lot. Or brain trust.

Summer Armstrong – Sandwich short of a picnic

Jolee Brewer – 90% of the candy is missing from the pinata.

Ryan Kerr – Corky Thatcher.

Creighton Rabs – Loony (though as Anne can attest, that would make said loony worth one Canadian dollar, or 80 U.S. cents)

Susan Harrison  – Omg… Melany, I can’t believe that you are talking about me! #allaboutme?

Ira Haberman –  A few fries short of a happy meal.

Anne Drysdale Shaw – Not the sharpest crayon in the box

Melany Berger – Yes, Ira Haberman a few fries short but nothing wrong with being short

Rob Crawford – A sandwich short of a picnic!!

Anne Drysdale Shaw – There’s also not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree?

Anne Drysdale Shaw – And a completely Canadian one… A couple of cans short of a two four

Ronni Margolis Kotwica – A few french-fries short of a Happy Meal!

Ronni Margolis Kotwica – Not the sharpest pencil in the box

Ronni Margolis Kotwica – Not playing with a full-deck!

Ronni Margolis Kotwica – Light doesn’t go all the way on.

Matthew Ross – A muppet

Erika Gimenesm – Ex-husband

Mary Lansing – A taco short of the combo plate

Zachary Harmony –A dull tool

Zachary Harmony – 1 card short of a full deck

José G. Arzate – Ding bat (Moms favorite!)

Melany Berger – Elevator doesn’t go to the top floor

Eric Mitchell  –A dodger fan.

Melany Berger  –No one home!

Melany Berger – A couple of screws loose

Eric Mitchell – Old co- host

Melany Berger Hahah is that like my ex- boyfriend?

Esther Berger – Lost their marbles

Steven Berman – A dull nail!

Steven Berman – I have said to some one that : “you need jumper cables ’cause you’re a “dead battery”

Steven Berman – One more. “A Limp soggy bisquit”

Esther Berger – The light is on but nobody is home

Marc Berman – As dull as unbuttered toast.

Thanks to all my friends who didn’t know this would turn into a post and helped me create this list!

Do you have any to add? Come on! I know you do! It is fun!

(Special shout out to the one person I was totally talking about that de-friended me! LOL! SNARK ON!)

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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