Weekend Preview : Final Four Primer

It’s been a long, ugly road to get here.  Between the lowest scoring output since 1985 (zzzz) and Kevin Ware treating us to a glance of his skeleton, you might have hopped off the March Madness bandwagon by this point.  I’m here to tell you to stick it out, because we have two killer matchups for Saturday in Atlanta.  Here’s the guydlines breakdown.

(9) Wichita St. v (1) Louisville
Saturday, April 6
3:09 PM PT  TV: CBS

At this stage of the tournament, throw seeds out the window.  Actually, at any stage of the tournament, throw logic out the window.  Louisville pulled a bold gesture last weekend by passing on cutting down the regional nets following their win against Duke, a stark contrast to another number 1 seed who cut down the nets after a loss last month.  They’re in it to hang one banner, and that’s the one that says National Champions.  All signs point to the Cardinals.  This is their 2nd consecutive Final Four with the same core of players.  The spread is roughly 10 (!).  Add in the Ware factor, Rick Pitino and THOSE UNIFORMS, and you have yourself one of the safest Final Four picks in recent memory.

The Guydlines’ Pick : Wichita St over Louisville,  72-70 (Remember what I said about logic?)

(4) Michigan v. (4) Syracuse
Saturday, April 6
5:49 PM PT  TV: CBS

Can we, as college basketball fans, join together and get a collective “HELL YES” for this matchup?  Honestly, we should be rejoicing over the fact that we get to continue to watch Trey Burke, who’s running away with Player of the Year honors.  While most of our brackets are busted, and individual alliances (RIP Arizona & Illinois) are moot, all we can hope for is an entertaining basketball game.  This game has all the ingredients to turn passive fans into screaming hooligans, with NBA talent littering the floor of the Georgia Dome. Cancel your plans people, because this has the making of an instant classic.  Only one thing could make this game more perfect that it already is : Gusgasms. 

The Guydlines’ Pick : Michigan over Syracuse, 78-76 

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