ToadHopNetwork is now a sponsor to the Las Vegas contest #guydlines giveaway!

So, if our contest could not get any sweeter, it just did!!! I am so excited to announce that we have added our special sponsors/rockstar promoters ToadHopNetwork!  Now what do you think? Go check out the radio shows on the network. There is something for everyone. Sex, rock (KLOS – Heidi and Frank), geeks, funny…..on and on.

Toadhopnetwork and Melanysguydlines is sending you to VEGAS!

ToadHopNetwork rocks!

I thought that giving my loyal followers and newcomers a chance to win a weekend in Vegas on me would get a lot of entries. But, I have found that running a contest is more challenging than just offering a kick ass prize and promoting on social media and Rockstar networks. Why? I don’t know, but my guess is that many of you feel you may not win. Let me tell you that you have an excellent chance of winning. Not to knock any of the current submissions but I know my fans have more snark in them than what we have received so far (there have been a few good entries 🙂 -thanks for that).

My question to you is, why not enter? Try. What do you have to lose? The worse that can happen is that you submit something and it is not funny –and???? NOTHING. I promise the snark squad is not going to come after you while you are sleeping unless it is down right ridiculous and spurs upheaval amongst my most loyal fans. Don’t mess with the MG crew  -I mean it!

At first, I though people don’t like to read and I (and my fellow cohorts) are a bit long winded (working on that). Don’t worry….. I have ADD and OCD. Try and figure that out. But, I was wrong. You do like to read about free stuff! With almost 300 likes on the contest post and about 30 entries –those numbers are not adding up. I am no mathematician (and despise math except when it comes to adding money INTO my bank account) but that gives at least 270 people a VERY good chance to win (if these odds are too confusing I would pass at gambling when you make it to Las Vegas, if ever).

The prize is real and you should enter unless you don’t like a free suite for two nights at the nicest resort in Las Vegas – The Signature at the MGM. Maybe you don’t like a cabana with poolside service and flat screen TV’s by an absolutely gorgeous pool. Or, you don’t like $250 worth of steak, lobster, potatoes, vegetables or just straight wine – then ok I get it (but come on, you have to eat or drink something and why shouldn’t it be on Melanysguydlines?) You may not like being entertained by one of the most amazing Cirque De Soleil shows or don’t think you are cool enough to rock clothing by ICJUK? OF COURSE YOU DO AND ARE COOL ENOUGH! If you don’t like these things  – I have a great therapist. Email me for his digits though I don’t even think he can help you.

So, lets go. Submit your #guydline below this post Tweet #guydline @Melanyb12. It is that easy – the prize is worth over $1,500.00. If you don’t then I really wonder about people. I would myself, but legally I can’t win the prize and neither can MG staff or family.

What is a guydline you ask? It is the commandments to your personal bible. We all have them. Some may not be so deep – that is fine. One of mine is to never trust a man in a banana hammock! Come on. You can do better than that, right? They can be as deep or not as you like but give me a chuckle. Go!

ToadHopNetworks supports

ToadHopNetworks supports

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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2 Responses to ToadHopNetwork is now a sponsor to the Las Vegas contest #guydlines giveaway!

  1. Kelly Whitlock May 10, 2013 at 5:26 am #

    Before you get serious with a guy…
    When he is driving you to an event, give him bad directions until you are lost, or late. If he freaks out, lose him at the event. If he jokes that now he knows a new part of the city, proceed to next level.

    • Melany May 11, 2013 at 10:55 am #

      Thanks for this but unfortunately contest entries are over. You can still vote for the finalists until tomorrow though!

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