Tis’ the Season To Shop! Snarky Holiday Gift Guide 2014 PART II

Tis the season to shop! Snarky holiday gift guide 2014 PART II

What did you think of the first part to the gift guide? I thought so? So, now you are pruned and need to get moving out of that hot tub! Time is a wasting and you have places to go and people to impress.

Grab the Good Earth Beauty Exclusive products from the natural online beauty and grooming retailer Good Earth Beauty  and get yourself scrubbed and prepped for the evening from their shampoos to body washes so that you can smell like heaven. My two favs are the lip scrub which I could definitely eat – it smells that good and scrubs away all the winter dryness. Also, the balm gets you smoothed and ready to take on the world.

Good earth beauty scrubs


Good Earth Beauty Lip Scrubs Image

As good as it looks!


Be careful when getting out of the tub and make sure you have your Flopz ready for your feet.Guess what these bad boys do? They massage your feet with every little step and they actually feel amazing. I love mine.


Ahhh yeahhhh!


What’s next you ask? Well, brush that mop and why not take a selfie while doing so? This has been a social media favorite and I think it is such a smart idea.

Grab your Selfie Brush by J& D and get to work. Where can you get it? Sally Beauty Stores of course!

Selfie brush from sally beauty

It is real! So much fun!

Click right here for your very own selfie brush! You will be the talk of IG – promise!

Getting ready for a date night can be stressful and you may even run out of battery looking for the best thing to do. Don’t forget to charge up your accessories with a PoP’n battery pack from Power Skin that charges just about everything from iPhones, iPads, tablets, and Android phones. It’s easy to use and retains your much needed battery life for all of your connections plus, a unique design to slip in your purse or clutch.

popn battery pack & charger

So sleek and light – it fits anywhere!

Now, did you decide what to do to get away from all that busy shopping and pressing buttons on your keyboard? My go to is always a comedy show! Comedy shows are a win/win in my book. Go to a comedy show with a great comedian and a cool venue. I am a huge supporter of comedy and like to think that I am a bit funny myself. I am always in the mood for laughs. Plus, a comedy show is a great place to get first or second date jittery things out of the way and see how your potential partner deals with everything from politics, religion, bathroom habits, or even weird sex stories while laughing about it. If your date can’t laugh now – run. A few friends and I went to the Tempe Improv and had the pleasure of being entertained by the talented Boomer Nichols. Boomer is not only a great comedian but he does inspiring work with his children. GO check him out and support Baylee’s Wish. Read about it – super inspiring.

Boomer Nichols and Baylee's Wish

Support this family! They are rockstars and Boomer is sure to bring the funny!

So, what do you wear to a comedy show?? Something  from Shopbop, Guess, Piperlime – that is where I order my fav gear.

Did you bring your purse? My favorite clutch of the year is the Selma from Olivia and Joy again! It is so rockstar! Gold and black – yes please! Has room for your selfie mandatory touch up items, lipgloss, your portable charger and more! Even Teddy Brewski loves it. Looks like you are ready to go! Have fun!

olivia and joy clutch

Teddy knows what is up!

Oh wait, wait, wait! Don’t forget to eat healthy before you go. My new lifestyle choice is Isagenix. It has been amazing and a fun way to enjoy good food, cook healthy and be able to wear whatever I want in snarky fashion. I love the program and encourage anyone trying to lose weight, gain healthy muscle mass or just feed their body with the most nutritious program out there to try Isagenix. I mean don’t you want to rock a leather skirt and chains like me? Ask me about it. It would be my pleasure to help you!

Melanyb Isagenix


While you are treating yourself, don’t forget to treat your puppy to a Barkbox this holiday season. Teddy Brewski says it is a good idea.


That is a wrap to the snarky, holiday gift guide! Hope I gave you some great ideas. Wishing all of you a very and healthy holiday season full of snark!

**Stay snarky my friends!**

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