The Pitfalls of Finding Love in The Digital Age

Thank you Laura for this post! You hit the nail on the head once again. Finding love in the digital age is not easy for sure.

Finding love is pretty high on most people’s life goals lists. But in case you have been under a rock for the last 10 years you might have notice that the playing field has changed somewhat. No longer do people meet in real life. No that is just too simple. Now you have to negotiate a complex system of online trials before you a granted an audience. These include your ability to take a selfie, write a profile, pick the right site, to begin with, and a myriad of other conditions. Read on to find out more.

The Pitfalls of Finding Love in The Digital Age

You have to be a world-class photographer

First of all, to get anyone to take you seriously in the online dating game you have to be a world-class photographer. You have to be able to take a picture of yourself that is truthful but also shows you in your best light. It needs to be posed right and have excellent lighting. It also needs to look as natural as possible, which can be tough when you are sucking in your gut and pulling a duck face.

No duck face! LOL

No duck face! LOL

You have to pick the right site

One you have that all important profile pic you need to make sure that you pick the right site to display it on. Luckily there are plenty of sites out there that cater for every need.

For example, you can add yourself to a Christian dating site if your religion is the most important thing. Or you can try a site developed aimed at your personality traits or star sign. Horoscope readers will also want to check out articles like this love horoscope for gemini, to see how the stars favor their chances.

You have to make a great first impression

The thing about internet dating is that not only do you have to jump through all these hoops to secure yourself a date. But then you have to go out of your way to make a good first impression. It’s like the fate of your entire futures rest on being able to secure a second date that isn’t just coffee!

The Pitfalls of Finding Love in The Digital Age

The problem with that is it’s all too easy to let that pressure get to you. Then your nerves start acting up and you fluff it, causing your long awaited date to be a disaster!

You have to work out who actually wants a serious relationship, and who doesn’t!

Another pitfall of the dating game is that most people on the larger sites at least state that they are looking for a long term relationship. Great, you think so am I. But are they really? Or ar they just saying that because if they put looking for a variety of one-time partners would put people off?

There are a hell of a lot of folks out there that are kidding themselves about the reason that they have an online dating account. Unfortunately part of the fun of internet dating is that you have to try and work out which ones they are! Good luck!

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